Top 28 worst customer requests, no the customer is not king

Relous customers, when you are a seller, you see them every day. Stupid, stupid or downright insolent requests, very often too. A canadian tweeter asked people what was the worst question a customer had ever asked them. You were also asked about Twitter and Facebook, and here’s a little mix of all of your responses. Be careful, you are entering a “high” level fun zone, fasten your seat belts.

1. And with this?


3. “What is audacity?”

4. “No, but we have powdered oil if you want”

5. If you have to do quick movements to warm up, maybe doing very slow movements…

6. “No, but we have a very nice swing for frogs”

7. It must be so much more efficient

8. So, was he fluffy or not?

9. It threw a chill.

10. It seems that if you also remove the sparkling water and the sugar, it makes rum

11. The kind of problem you don’t encounter in Siberia

12. Were the photographers of the time useless?

“A client’s son was supposed to give a presentation on dinosaurs. The client didn’t understand why we didn’t have a single book with real photos of dinosaurs in it. »

13. He took her for a pigeon

“I worked in an aviary with over 60 exotic birds. A photographer came in and asked me if I could land all the birds and have them stand in one place for a group photo. I thought he was joking so I asked him if he wanted me to put them in order of size. He answered sincerely “yes please”. »

14. He just had a good ear, what’s the problem?

“I worked in a pet store. One day a customer called for a delivery. He wanted a dog toy in his order but he didn’t know which one. I had to take the toys and squeal them on the phone until he heard “the good one”. »

15. Drive electric instead

“When I was working at a gas station, an old gentleman demanded reimbursement for the gasoline he had just pumped because he had changed his mind. I had to explain to him that now that the gas was in his car, there was nothing I could do. He got mad and asked me to get gas…then he stormed off. »

16. False advertising or not?

“A client asked me for a refund when her roots grew with her natural color. She insisted: “permanent color” means forever. I wish it was a joke. »

17. Céline’s surprising anecdote on Facebook:

“A lady asked me for reimbursement for a scarf. She no longer had the receipt. Normal, the scarf dated from the previous winter collection, almost a year earlier. And why did she want to give it back? Because it was full of holes, because her dog had chewed it. »

18. Johanna’s fascinating anecdote on Facebook:

“One day a grandma wanted to be reimbursed for a pair of shoes she had bought 23 years earlier! Yes yes, she still had the receipt. »

19. Vii Vee’s mind-boggling anecdote on Facebook:

“Another for fun, in a bookstore, a lady asks Stendhal’s “Le rouge et le noir” for her son, who needed it for high school. After a little debrief, she asked if she could have only the Red because it seemed quite difficult to her. »

20. Melissa’s baffling Facebook anecdote:

“When I was working for a telephone operator, a client was so happy that I offered him a telephone at a very affordable price that he asked me if he could give me a child to thank me. »

21. Jean Frédéric’s amazing anecdote on Facebook:

“I was at the cash register at Disney, I was selling ice cream. People to whom I had sold one 5 minutes before came back to ask me if I didn’t have one “less cold”. »

22. Marlene’s puzzling Facebook story:

“I was asked why it was written “5 fruits” on the packet of 5 bananas… And when I laughed I found myself facing a wall, I ended up saying that there were 5 bananas in the package (by preventing myself from laughing) and I had the right to a “aaaah so that was it” “I would not have believed”. »

23. Emma’s bizarre anecdote on Facebook:

“I worked in a tea shop, a brand of tea only. When customers walk in and only ask for one thing: coffee. No matter how much we tell them that we don’t do it, they keep asking for it. »

24. Milie’s jaw-dropping Facebook story:

“I work in a DIY store, a customer shows me some repair tape and asks me if it’s the one we use when we want to kidnap someone. I told him that in my opinion the person can struggle as long as she wants it should hold lol. »

This is how Milie became an accomplice to the kidnapping.

25. Chaima’s extravagant anecdote on Facebook:

“A lady who asks “if I buy a ladder and I fall off the ladder, is that the store’s responsibility? » »

26. Magdelaine’s amazing anecdote on Facebook:

“A lady who asks me “The plastic protecting the service (of dishes) is torn, will you give me a discount on the service? Strangely, she left the service when I told her we were just going to pack it up. »

27. Virginie’s stunning anecdote on Facebook:

“When I worked for Apple, a guy wanted to sue us because we had delivered his new iPad 1 day earlier than expected. And it was his wife who received him. But it was a present for his mistress. »

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