Top 28 best pocket tweets, this devil’s invention

Hello my little socks! If you are not from Toulouse, you can imagine that we will be talking about the pockets of our falzars and our coats, among other things. Because we couldn’t make the top of the best tweets on clothes without talking about this small area which allows us to keep our mobile phone alive and which unfortunately also houses our receipts from the lapse of the following evening. Let us pay them homage out of pocket, as the Quebecois say (lol t’as captured?).

1. Big badgers

2. The clothes revolution we all want

3. More matted than your hair after applying hairspray

4. A valuable object all the same

5. We would have given a lot to see this scene

6. Ok that’s pretty mims

7. Every time the guy forgot about it and ended up with an early apricot tree two months later

8. My heart hurts just seeing this picture

9. There are news that do not give the smile

10. Thank you uncle for the greeting card. What do you mean there’s a check in there?

11. Too cute

12. Respect has crept under a door

13. “A homeless man asked me for money today. I looked in my pocket and I only had a 20 dollar bill. I wondered, “Do I really want this money to go into drugs?” Nope ! “. So I gave him the 20 bullets. “

14. There are those who have learned the lesson well: keys + phone = bloodbath

15. * heart that stops beating *

16. Trying to pull it up with your elbow when it starts to fall, um what a pleasure

18. We accept you directly in the family

19. Even 1 €, we take

20. Best move

21. At least we fit fully into the bathtub

22. 249,000 are definitely my own cardiac arrests

23. I’m going to make him hold my wallet, we’re going to laugh less

24. Hairy mdr

25. Nothing to do with the fact that we do not know how to do this kind of acrobatics at all

26. As long as it’s not Patrick Sébastien, everything is ok

27. We don’t know if we prefer that or the technique of pretending to have a call from a friend

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