Top 27 of the funniest tweets about jealousy, ah bah it’s pretty

According to the consequences drawn from the stories of the most jealous kings and queens in history, we realized that jealousy was not the best fault to mention in an interview. So to externalize this hatred of the other when we see him at 8 a.m. with an almond croissant while we are dying, we have selected the best tweets on jealousy. Scream a good shot, it will pass.

1. It clearly stinks of jealousy

3. Well sent

4. And I of those who can play the violin

5. We see you big rats

6. Want to cut their hair to stick it on my head

7. Great gift idea

8. And when he’s like he’s too cute with your neighbors while his passion is sinking his fangs into your hand

9. Want to commit premeditated murder

10. While he saved our maths baccalaureate, it’s cheeky anyway

11. Gotta grow up after a while

12. Fat Hater Goes

13. That’s a Real Boyfriend

14. Besides, it’s his real photo so it’s him

15. Me jealous? I actually don’t believe…

16. It’s a little cute anyway

17. We would give a lot to return to live in this world

18. Here we have it!

19. Can we come in your suitcase?

21. A little edgy, but still stylish

23. We’re on another level here

24. I’m trying this tonight, thanks for the advice

25. Time flies so fast

26. :))))

27. In times of Covid, we didn’t need more

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