Top 27 Hardest Tricks To Learn (Only Geniuses Can)

“Everything is difficult before it is very easy” says a famous saying probably invented by someone who tells it to death. But if he was right, this complete stranger that I catalog for free as someone who esteems and puts himself forward? Of course, by dint of hard work and patience you master something for which you were at zero level at the very beginning, but these different things do not require the same work and the same time before being really learned. So let’s see together, finally, what are the most difficult tricks to learn, those that sometimes take a lifetime to master.

1. Hungarian

Inevitably, we find here certain languages, in particular the most difficult languages ​​to learn or the most complicated languages ​​of the world and in this category the Hungarian deserves its place since its alphabet is composed of 42 letters and it has 35 verbal endings (compared to 6 in French). Not to mention the flexible word order that will change the whole meaning of your sentence depending on how you place them. A real mess.

2. Whistle with your fingers in your mouth

From the day my cousin tried to explain it to me when I was nine until today (more than twenty years later), I still don’t understand how this thing is done. It’s really impossible. So I think that only certain people have been selected by nature to be able to do it and I find that unfair. That being said now that I think about it, we live very well without knowing how to do it.

3. Cook a roasted blue lobster with olives, claw cannelloni and coral jus

YEAH IT’S SUPER DIFFICULT. Already because I found it by typing “the most difficult dishes to cook” in my search engine and then because you have to work long enough to be able to afford lobster. Not to mention the failures, you have to work even harder to buy more if you screw up. In short, a horror.

4. Play the trombone

In terms of learning music, you can find a lot of really complex instruments to learn. To avoid all muddy jokes with “take in hand” and since we are talking about trombone I will rather say “take in mouth”. Okay, that’s worse. Well, anyway it seems that with the violin, the trombone is one of the most difficult instruments to master since for this brass you must first succeed in getting out the correct notes by blowing into it.

5. Open your beer with a lighter

An ancestral talent, considered easy by those who have mastered it and yet many people are unable to perform this gesture which requires both patience and a lighter. Once adopted, you will look with a certain disdain at the bottle openers that are passed to you in the evening before heroically opening your beer, rejecting with a grin the tool that is handed to you. On the other hand, people who open them with their teeth, you stop that right away, that thing gives me shivers of pain. CALM.

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6. His security number

Honestly, how many people know it by heart? I haven’t even tried. This is typically the kind of stuff I give up before even trying, like most Netflix teenage drama series.

7. The 394th and 8965th digits of pi

Learning the decimals of Pi by heart can be tricky since it is an irrational number and its decimals are infinite. But the 394th and 8965th are really the hardest as revealed by the highly esteemed Professor Fédémate: “real crap, I get screwed every time”. Not given to everyone.

8. Ski jumping

Already before getting there you have to learn to ski, which costs a ball and is still difficult. Then, when you have a level that’s not too bad, you can try some pretty ridiculous jumps, but to get to the level of people who jump several meters you really, really have to have a champion’s level and that requires a LOT of work.

Top 27 Hardest Tricks To Learn Only Geniuses Can

9. Chess

I’m not talking about understanding the basic rules, since the moves are quite easy to memorize and once they’ve assimilated it’s not misery either. But if knowing how to play is given to everyone, knowing how to play well is on the other hand another pair of sleeves (never understood this expression, like there are really people who change their sleeves when they are about to do something difficult? Explain me).

10. The Frenchman

I have to put a second language in this top, and not just any language since it’s the one we speak. Already for foreigners it is not easy to master, but even for us it is sometimes a hassle. Between the mistakes that we all make and those that make our hair stand on end, speaking and writing, it’s hot to master French (I present to you my sincerest apologies for the mistakes I sometimes make in the rush of writing my modest tops. School was far away and the bus was expensive).

11. Blow a gum bubble

You already need the right gear, because there are chewing gums that lend themselves better to exercise where some are not substantial enough to allow it. Then the texture plays a lot too. You have to train day and night to succeed in making beautiful ones that make you look like the funniest guy in CP class and it’s not given to everyone.

12. Raise or lower the toilet seat

On top of that, it’s very complicated to succeed in learning the manoeuvre. When should it be lowered? When should it be lifted? Why ? It is extremely difficult to answer these questions precisely and even today researchers disagree on the different answers. Isn’t that the curse of humanity? Multiply the prowess and discoveries but not be screwed to know whether to raise it before pissing and lower it afterwards? Nothing is less sure.

13. Make a car slot

Ouch. Well, I personally master the niche, but for that I had to sleep in my car for almost two years at the top of a mountain. Wake up at 4am to make and redo battlements between two stones in the thick mist of a solitary snowy peak. It makes you a man.

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14. The crow pose in yoga

Wow damn she’s tough. Already know how to fly to land on a branch is still quite difficult, but it’s not even the beginning of trouble. You have to balance on your hands clinging to the branch and lift your ass in the air while being half in a ball. Very strange but apparently it relaxes.

15. The Percival Games

Between the sloubi, the grelotine and the syrup, you really have to hang on to capture the rules (especially when they are poorly explained). In addition everything depends on whether we have dice, cards or beams. And I’m not even talking about if we play with the rules in Aquitaine…

16. Highway Code

Passing the exam is one thing, remembering six months later who is doing what on a mountain slope if one of the vehicles is pulling a caravan is another. Seriously, who really remembers all the rules? I put my hand to cutting that if we all replay it after several years, many of us will not validate it.

Top 27 Hardest Tricks To Learn Only Geniuses Can
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17. Patience when you have kids

We may love them with all our heart, frankly, sometimes we still think that they should close it a little right? Apart from those who are going to lie shamelessly in the comments saying “no but me my children are angels gnagnagna” everyone agrees that you have to arm yourself with a LOT of patience to support them in the day the day.

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18. Make a not-too-gross patronus

Yeah because everyone can have a bad patronus like a field mouse or an oyster, but when it comes to making a bear or a monitor appear to go and fart at the Death Eater, there’s a lot of surprise. So yeah, that’s one of the really hard things to master as well.

19. Raise Crocodiles

Already there is an essential question of space to be able to raise crocodiles freely in your apartment. Then you need a perfect mastery of the different “Crocodile Dundee” films if you don’t want to die stupidly. And then the crocodile is not forgiving, a possibly fatal error and these beasts are really sensitive, they take criticism very badly and are generally quite soupy.

20. Cook fugu

This is the type of fish that can be extremely poisonous and cause death if improperly cooked. It gives you an idea of ​​why you really shouldn’t miss it if you want to prepare some. But there are people who like to live dangerously and cook it in the dark and with no hands to mess around with. In Japan you also need a special license to prepare this dish so it can be dangerous. The Emperor of Japan is also forbidden to eat it because of a law still in force for more security.

21. Wiggle his ears

I sincerely believe that people who do this are actually doing witchcraft. And not cool witchcraft like voodoo or black magic, nah, something much darker and more serious. It makes me uncomfortable and it pisses me off. Why, how and for what dark purpose do they perform this extremely complicated and creepy maneuver? We’ll probably never have the answer and maybe that’s for the best.

22. Know the lyrics to Outkast’s “Bombs over Baghdad”

If you needed a good reason to know why André 3000 is still considered one of the best rappers in history today, try to learn a BOB verse by heart. It’s really super hard. Even he doesn’t know I think. Incidentally, the album “Standonia” is still great today.

23. The secret of perfectly cooked paella

Jealously guarded by Spanish monks, the real cooking of paella is today a mystery. Overcooked, not enough, there is always something wrong and it’s a real shame because this dish is super good but often badly prepared.

24. Do the cut thumb trick well

See that thing uncles (usually bald) do at family meals? Well, it’s really super complicated. We no longer count the number of accidents of people who actually cut their thumbs to amaze the youngest among us who were impatient because it didn’t work well. Truly a stupid magic trick.

25. Succeed in doing the 10 most difficult hikes in France

In a row, otherwise it doesn’t count. You can check out these difficult hikes if you really want to challenge yourself.

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26. Low-level programming languages

Yeah because already programming languages ​​are a real hassle to understand when you don’t know anything about them and you don’t really have a scientific mind, but the more “low level” they are (close to machine language) the more they are complicated. “A programming language is low level when it requires attention to things that are not relevant” as this brave Alan Perlis reminds us who was not the last to make funny “console.log” (dev joke ).

27. Quantum Mechanics

“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t,” said Richard Philips Feynman, one of the most influential physicists of the last century. Here, it is already posed there in terms of difficulty. What do you want me to add to that compared to a guy who spent his life studying relativistic quantum electrodynamics and playing the (true) bongo? Nothing.

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