You just have to open your eyes to realize that capitalism is going too far. The technologies that are supposed to improve our future only improve that of the wealthiest, and one only has to read the recent reports on inequalities in the world to confirm this. We consume like crazy, our attention is constantly solicited, social networks make us sad and we all hate each other, all this while the planet is quietly burning. All this very sad absurdity, you can find it in the images of Humans of Capitalism, an Insta account which also notes, what shit we are in.

They don’t wanna think about normal people apparently

“The first hotel in space planned to be operational in 2027”

“We just want social security”

We’ve come to this

“Influencer posts a photo from business class before returning to her seat in economy class”

“The only dangerous minority is the rich”

The paper bottle to hide a plastic bottle

Everything to decorate your interior, it’s great

Strange moment of sincerity on the part of the great Machine

Internet user: “How are you on this Monday, unknown community manager? »

CM from Amazon Prime: “I think I’m depressed lol. ” / ” Hi ! This is Vicki, Social Manager at Amazon Prime Video. My apologies for the previous message, this is an incident and it will not happen again. We are having a great Monday and hope yours is as good! »

And if it’s ever a joke, it’s never “just” a joke

“All employees must stop crying before returning to their work”

“It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”

This one is for English speakers

Finally, English speakers at the beginner level, how are you?

The attention economy affects even the homeless

“Give me a dollar or I vote for Trump”

Appreciate the commercial gesture

“In their loyalty program, Emirates promises its travelers a free funeral if they are infected with Covid”

Big atmosphere

It’s always a bit boomer to say to young people “still on your cell phone? but the kids here aren’t even 10 and they’re on one of the coolest places on earth.

Plastic, It’s Fantastic

The worst is that it must cost a blind this bag

Gotta show them the reality of the world ASAP

“Hey parents!!! Do you have children aged 14 or 15? They need a job?? We will recruit them! Ask for an application form!! »

Isn’t it a little hot today?

Yeah fuck the plastic. Well, except there.

I do not think so.

“Defend the billionaires. We are just like you. »

“We want trees, not this shit”

Ok we will stop there eh

“40% of American kids think hot dogs and bacon are plants”

Hold, if you want to continue to bader, some depressing illustrations on the future. But everything is fine.

Source: Humans of Capitalism