Top 25 tweets about Paris and Parisians, when the capital gets expensive

If you live in Paris, you know. If you don’t live in Paris, you probably tell yourself that it’s an expensive city, polluted and populated by sulky people and you’re not necessarily wrong. The positive point is that our Twitter friends are there to laugh about it. And since as progressive Parisians we love to take a lot, we split a small selection of tweets on our beautiful shitty city.

1. That strange, unpleasant feeling

3. Severe but fair

4. Do we talk about this violence suffered on a daily basis?

5. Can we have a hint please?

6. When you mortgage your maid’s room but it was worth it

7. A little hard but OK we accept

8. AAAAAAAN but where does it really interest you? Don’t dig.

9. And the Adventure Ends There

10. Creativity not found elsewhere

11. Honestly, what are we complaining about?

12. Answer madam goofy???

13. Hello darkness my old friend

16. Real estate in Paris in a nutshell

17. Think a bit about our living conditions

18. We totally missed the party concept.

19. A strategy that pays

20. Live my life without a dryer

21. A very practical and useful and depressing comparison

22. Pff and then we’re surprised that everyone hates us

23. “chador the natchuuuure”

24. Sample of Humanity

25. Yeah because we can bully others too

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