Top 25 things you inevitably find in the teachers’ room, a place full of mysteries

But what is this mysterious room in which no student has ever been able to enter? For many school children, the staff room is a kind of no-go-zone, a forbidden place where the great leaders of the school world meet to decide on your future. All the answers are in this place of a thousand secrets. Fortunately, Topito lifts the veil for you on the occult elements found there.

1. Copies

Heaps. Tons. Stacked by hundreds. With lots of traces of corrections in red. So many misfortunes are brought together in these multiple copies that have made many students and teachers suffer.

Top 25 things you inevitably find in the teachers' room, a place full of mysteries

2. The Liberation of the day

Nobody reads it, but it’s a matter of principle, it’s there.

3. Four-color pens, rulers, and lockers with their names on them

Overall, the teacher’s paraphernalia is quite similar to that of the student. We also shared with you the memories we have of the 4-color pen.

Top 25 things you inevitably find in the teachers' room, a place full of mysteries

4. Cups of coffee

Empty but not washed because there is no sink.

Top 25 things you inevitably find in the teachers' room, a place full of mysteries

5. A queue in front of the coffee machine

Because there is only one coffee maker, a lot of teachers and above all a lot of despair. Mathematically it is incompatible.

6. A late teacher who corrects his last papers

So one day it will all end up in the trash.

7. Teachers

Like zombies they wander in this space of transit.

8. A confused student who wanted to know if Mrs. Delanoie was there because it was to tell her that he couldn’t turn in his homework on time because in fact he had a problem

And blah blah blah. And blah blah blah.

9. A table with the pearls of the copies

Of course my friend, you still don’t believe that we would miss your face when you write that “Deux Gaulle was brother jumo”.

10. A table and two chairs

A little devilishly necessary furniture for sixty teachers. Ah, national education is beautiful.

11. A more venerable smell of perspiration than in the PE locker room

But what are you guys fueling? Frankly, it’s bloody nose in there, we feel that you have not left any opening to the outside world for three decades, all to be sure that no student can enter the lair of your secrets.

Top 25 things you inevitably find in the teachers' room, a place full of mysteries

12. Two disillusioned old teachers who hang around and sigh when it rings

13. Two hyper-motivated young teachers discussing teaching theories

14. An old computer that no one uses

With Windows 98 installed on it and the “maze” screen saver constantly present (because we’ve never turned off the computer since the last time France won the football world cup).

15. A large sign with pinned flyers and the words “PLEASE EMPTY THE COFFEE FILTERS LE NIGHT”

16. Puns on the name of the Minister of National Education, in anticipation of the next demonstrations

A necessity listed in the order of teachers.

17. A little cemetery of the parts of the program that we won’t have time to do

18. The English teacher who has had a nervous breakdown since 1996 scratching a wall with a spoon.

We don’t know how she manages to survive without hydrating or feeding herself, but apparently her activity makes her fully fulfilled.

19. A heater that doesn’t work

Because we have no more money.

20. A small microwave for busy teachers who don’t have time to go to the cafeteria

21. A huge photocopier that runs all day

With half the time a paper jam because of the PE teacher who has always done anything wrong.

22. A student’s clothing forgotten in a classroom

What a free looker in Pimkie fashion in size 34. GOOD DEAL OR NO GOOD DEAL?

23. Bearing walls (at least two)


24. Much Suffering

Because they didn’t think they would always end up in third grade as adults. It’s tough morally when you think about it.

25. An ounce of desire to transmit knowledge, hidden behind a closet

Generally, it is destroyed by an unbearable class delegate who accidentally stepped on it.

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