Top 25 riddles of Father Fourras

Fort Boyard is coming back. So to celebrate with your friends, your family, or the priest on the wedding day, here are the best riddles of Father Fouras. Because at Topito we love difficult riddles and short riddles, if you answer the questions, you definitely deserve to be married.

1. It can sometimes be used for filing, or slips on the water slowly. It is sometimes made of cement. It is always obtained by studying.

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Answer: the tank

2. We turn it to move forward; but when one is, it means “to be connected”. Who is she ?

Answer: the page.

3. When you’re there, you don’t know where you are. It is made only of water, but can become an impenetrable curtain.

Answer: fog.

4. It is the starting point without leading anywhere. Schoolboy terror, especially if pointed.

Answer: zero.

5. This painting is not really appreciated, to feed you you break it, by working you earn it, coming out of the oven it is golden

Answer: the crust.

6. If he shows up in glitter, it’s not to party. We appreciate it for cleaning. We pass it to garland.

Answer: soap.

7. If for good, sometimes he’s qualified. To carry it can help. If he has a certain beauty, to him, we can send you.

Answer: the devil.

8. At the origin of all living beings, those of the fort have many turns in store for you.

Answer: cells.

9. Eternal in the plural, ephemeral in the singular, we like to see it at Christmas but no later than February.

Answer: snow.

10. It has a ridge, and a wing on each side. Compared to a trumpet, which is not necessarily blocked.

Answer: the nose.

11. At your doorstep she is often. His blow tires quickly, his code is quite widespread, many have come to it.

Answer: the bar.

12. My name is that of an apple, in fact I am the First Man, my wife had the first name Eve, but the snake devil put an end to our dream.

Answer: the apple of api, Bernard Tapie, the Côte d’Azur, the Ivory Coast, the rib of beef?

13. My blow is not fatal, but I sometimes hurt. Often I am trained, and smell the tide. Who am I ?

Answer: it’s my dick.

14. In the evening, I am melancholy. When I turn right I do so sparingly. In the oven thermostat 6 for 20 minutes, I become mischievous.

Answer: the right triangle (it was obvious).

15. He is immortal. He was born 400 years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. But he is not alone. Some share his power. Some work for good, others for evil. He had to fight centuries during the forces of darkness. It cannot be attacked on sacred ground, its only refuge, but whoever cuts off its head will appropriate all its power. In the end, only one of them will survive. Her name ?

Answer: Duncan MacLeod (of Clan MacLeod).

16. Small purplish plant, It obsesses us all the time. Give answers or ideas, Without it, no clue won! Who is she ?


17. It is the refuge of the pensive, Of the most ambitious, the goal! In its seas there is no water, To see it, we look up. Who is she ?

The moon.

18. Whether quarter or half, It translates a silence. As long as he’s not the last, we can always push him. Who is he ?

The sigh.

19. Like ripples on water, With a shock, they sink to zero. From the ground to the radio, They follow the microphone. Who are they ?


20. Despite her character, She protects her congeners, She assures the passenger, And also controls the borders. Who is she ?

The police

21. Without it no impression, It feeds the guns. You don’t have to burn, The last to win Who is she?

The cartridge.

22. Session to deliberate, Follow it well is advised. It is a place of clashes Where one plays for time. Who is he ?

The board.

23. Her time is limited sometimes, Everyone can invoke her right, By her absence, she makes you doubt, By naming her, you give her. Who is she ?

The answer.

24. We can count two in an hour, But also two in a day. We see two in a week, And always two in a year. Who is she ?

The letter E.

25. This character sign, Maybe black or light yellow. He dwells in the deserts, And he slips between the stones. Who is he ?

The Scorpion.