Top 25 Rich People’s Problems On Twitter These People Die Hard

Being rich may seem easy and simple, but make no mistake: being rich is super hot. Between smartphones that do anything, intrusive housekeepers and other jetlags, being rich is not easy every day. The proof with these few denouncing tweets. Frankly, avoid getting rich, it’s too hard.

2. Some choices are more obvious than others

3. He needs psychological support

4. Always that maid

5. So Tesla you are not ashamed?

6. Loneliness, this modern (and rich) evil

7. His life is only suffering

8. The family that makes a good profit from its royalty

9. It’s true, she had nothing to do with it after all

10. Never forget the Go Pro


12. Luckily you can charge your smartphone with the cigarette lighter

13. Very good idea

14. Like what, it’s not worth a good Flik Flak

15. Too hard the passage to the distributor

16. Ouch, Hello Dead End

17. General Strike!

18. Of Course I Know This Moment

19. All good things get lost

20. A Tragic Story

21. His plane = your Ouigo

22. The banking system is really rotten, it only thinks of the poor

23. A hell on earth, no more no less

25. We can talk about seum

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