Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade in history

It's not to be slanderous but I think that the 2020 decade has started very badly. While there is no doubt about people born after 2000, if you spent part of your childhood/adolescence/young adult life during this period, you know as much as I do that this is the best decade that the Earth could have carried. No debate possible. Here is the proof.

Tamagotchis were at the height of the hype

The 2000s should be included in the Guinness Book of Records just for making so many people happy simply with this little object. Honestly, tamagotchis were family, the red blood cells in your veins. An equivalent of your comfort toys but portable, just imagine. Now what do we have to have fun with, eh? Handspinners. Ah well great, it was well worth going to 2010.

We had a sense of style

So ok, there were some ugly clothes (like cargo pants, but we're not going to stir the knife in the fire). And yet, even today, the 2000s continue to leave their mark on fashion, even in 2020, since key pieces from this decade are making a comeback, namely the bandana, tight crop tops, choker necklaces. neck, wide pants at the bottom, cropped pants and even ballet flats (yes, I swear, but I admit that I don't really understand why).

There was the Star Ac' and it was the fire of God

Well OK we had Star Ac again not so long ago, I'm not saying. But has the comeback of the star' ac made it possible to dethrone the best songs of the star' ac'? No. This ranking has not changed in any way so calm down.

We could send Wizz on MSN

From now on, you may call your friend 315 times, his phone is on silent (or your friend ignores you, it's still quite likely, sorry) and you will never be able to reach him.

We all generally watched the same series

Based on Charmed, H2O, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, The Scott Brothers, Smalville, Dr House, Malcom or even My Family First. We could therefore have real debates on the series because we all knew what we were talking about. So now, do your friends really watch the series you recommend to them? I think the question is quickly answered.

Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade.p

We could play Club Pinguin and Habbo and it was cool

Today, I'm not sure that if you try to return to these platforms, you'll be won over, even though these are clearly games that allow you to increase your internal dopamine quota. Besides, here are the games you played in the 2000s and what that says about you.

It was the time of Totally Spies and Corneil and Bernie

There was also Sourire d'enfer, the Ratz, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Martin Mystère. We also made a ranking of the best cartoons of the 2000s. Frankly, your remakes of Dora and Denver, I'm kindly pitying them.

Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade

Influencers didn't exist

If we wanted to focus on perfect people, we “only” had magazines and TV. Today, hello depression when you open Insta/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook and you come across a guy with more abs than The Rock and a girl who had a free trip to Bali to test hotels.

Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra was released in 2002

And then there is also The infernal Montparnasse Tower which was released in 2001 and Rrrrrr which is in 2004. That is to say all the best comedies that French cinema has been able to produce. We knew how to laugh at the time as evidenced by the best lines from Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.

Diam's was still singing

I'm going to cut this nostalgic passage short because otherwise I'm going to start crying very quickly. Diam's, if you see this message, please come back.

The opportunity for us to do this final quiz again: How well do you know the lyrics of Diam's?

Star Wars had not yet been bought by Disney

You yourself know where we are today. Obi-Wan in PLS.

Kaamelott was on TV for the first time

We then discovered the genius of Alexandre Astier. Today, we still watch the rebroadcast episodes with pleasure, but it's not the same as when we first listened. 1707759613 66 Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade

It was in 2007 that Topito was born

And that means a lot of things. 2007 tattooed under the left arch of the foot.

We had the tecktonik

Honestly, who doesn't want to do the best arm movements to this music? Personally, I vote for the return of this majestic dance.

We could have an email address like IloveLesChevaux49 and it wasn't annoying

Today you are very uncomfortable when you have to give this address to your college or to your new boss so that he can send you your new access codes. When you understood that the swag of this address would disappear on January 1, 2010, you tried to create another classic address [email protected] but your namesake had already been there. Now you have to live with this nostalgic memory and you would really like to go back to the 2000s to be less embarrassed.

We were able to see Zidane's headbutt in real life

Personally, I would have missed this moment for nothing in the world. Even if I only had to listen to the song Coup de boule for the rest of my life. In fact, I'll even play it at my funeral.

Perfumes cost less

No, but where are we? When did someone decide to make Eau Jeune and Playboy has-been? We didn't have to take out a bank loan to buy a perfume like today and we smelled good (strong) all day long. We may have caught three esophageal cancers because of the dubious composition, but we were less able to eat anything other than hard pasta at the end of the month.

It was during this decade that the group O-Zone released their cult title Dragostea Din Tei

A song that unites all Europeans as this TikTok shows us. It's fucking beautiful.

The Pollypockets, the real ones, had not disappeared

They had little houses that folded and unfolded in every direction, they were so small that we lost them every year and the pain felt was worse than Lego when you walked on them. But those little things were life. But nowadays, we are too cautious, we are afraid for the kids so we ban everything. Pff, anyway we can't do anything anymore.

The Sims were born and life took on another meaning

Confinement would have only been sadness and disarray if The Sims had not been there to keep me company so I would like to thank all the people who worked on it and who today allowed us to better understand life thanks to this wonderful invention. Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade

Riding a scooter was cool

You were the perfect mix between a skateboarder and an eco-friendly person. You knew how to combine speed and elegance. Chill and class. Today you look very bohemian and people say that you must also ride an electric scooter so they judge you. You don't know what you're missing.

Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade
Photo credits: Topito

We could cry on My Space and Skyblog

The people who followed us were interested in what we published. We could talk about the fact that life isn't boring and we still had people who were touched by it. Today we have nothing left. Our Skyblogs are forgotten. Even our Facebook posts, no one cares anymore. What do we have left? TikTok? That's it ??

Cathy was still Super Nanny

She remade the education of dirty kids in a minute and a half and she commanded far too much respect. She will always be in our hearts and no one will ever be able to replace her. 1707759616 777 Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade

We had Ratus and PicBille at school

They taught us everything, they were cool and caring. Thanks to them I know how to say unconstitutionally without making a mistake and do mental arithmetic.

The beginning of Koh Lanta

It was in 2001 that we discovered Denis Brogniart, a marriageable man, and his adventurers in Thailand. We haven't picked up since. Besides, we'll be back very very quickly with our recaps of the new season. 1707759617 192 Top 25 proofs that the 2000s are the best decade

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