Top 25 of the most sleazy things that fast food customers do, employees…

If you are told McDonald’s, Burger King or even Quick, maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you but… oh if that means something to you? So much the better, it saves us a long introduction explaining the concept of fast food and allows us to get straight to the heart of the matter. Because yes, we’re here to talk about fast food customers: they always do nasty things that get employees drunk and it’s time to denounce it loud and clear.

1. Not emptying their tray in the trash

As if he was going to miraculously start levitating to empty himself (that never happens, know that).

2. Complain that someone was served faster than them

He just chose a burger that was already ready or quicker to prepare. We’re not going to make him wait on purpose for your personal pleasure while his order is ready.

3. Act like they forgot something in their order to get free products

We pick it up 9 times out of 10 that you let go of big mythos.

Top 25 of the most sleazy things that fast food

4. Hesitating when ordering the menu at checkout when they had 10 minutes to choose

Even though we invented order terminals, there are still a few followers of this released practice that wastes everyone’s time.

5. Ask for a breakfast plan after breakfast time

It’s until 11 o’clock and then that’s it. Some machines are shut down and cleaned after that time anyway, so there’s no point in insisting.

6. Get the wrong brand and ask for potatoes at Burger King

And complaining that there is no deluxe sauce for the fries. Or order a Whopper from Quick. Or a Supreme at McDonald’s. In short, you got it.

7. List 15 items in a row without pausing to allow time to enter them into the machine

Ok, the team members like to save time, but they don’t always have the superpowers that allow them to type in commands at the speed of a TGV.

1660993305 111 Top 25 of the most sleazy things that fast food

8. Complain because the burger they want is no longer on the menu

Well it’s more à la carte my guy, what do you want us to tell you. We’re not going to buy you the ingredients and prepare it for you just to please you.

9. Request a certain doneness for the steak

It’s simple, there’s a possible cooking. Not two, not three. A.

10. Make shitty jokes at the drive-thru

Like taking “funny” voices (spoiler, it’s never funny) or making rotten puns. It’s already been done by 50 customers before, and each time it’s embarrassing when they find themselves facing the person when picking up their order.

11. Customers asking for stuff for their dog

Kind of nuggets served on a plate. From 1, it’s boring, and from 2, you don’t want to make him eat dog stuff instead?

1660993306 792 Top 25 of the most sleazy things that fast food

12. Getting Drunk

There are many. A lot. Too much.

13. Rotting the toilet

We always wonder if people make their big commission next to the toilets at home too.

14. Being rude

Well, rudeness, it’s everywhere, but it seems that rude people eat every day at McDo.

15. Not saying hello to the drive but asking “did you put everything on?”

No no we did it on purpose to remove your burger to piss you off.

16. Disgust a table then go and disgust another one because the first one was too dirty

Hell has a place reserved just for these people.

1660993307 689 Top 25 of the most sleazy things that fast food

17. Spin out expired restaurant tickets

Ok well we’re going to give you a burger from two years ago too, are you okay?

18. Parents who don’t tell their kid who mess things up

Your brat has literally just emptied his Coke on the floor, don’t you want to move your ass to say a word to him?

19. Jump into children’s games when you’re out of age

And drink alcohol. And smoke cigarettes. And fuck up the mess to scare the (real) children.

20. Empty the balloon tree

And deprive other children of the joy of having their own ball. In addition, it forces employees to reinflate 50.

21. Hiding their easel for table service to make fun of the mouth of the employee who goes around the room looking for said easel

It’s HYPER FUNNY say so.

22. Order a steak and fries

You are in a fast food restaurant, not in Aunt Monique’s brasserie.

23. Ask for salt-free fries

You have to make fries again just for them (when you don’t have time) and afterwards they complain because it’s long. It drives you crazy.

24. Failing to respond when yelled at their order number

The guys came to eat, but when you want to give them their food, they’re gone. Explain the logic to us.

25. Insert their credit card into the machine and pull it out before it passes

Congratulations, you just lost us another 15 seconds. Thanks.

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