Top 25 of the best tweets from @RonanPla, the funniest, funniest, funniest of your journalists

The news is not easy everyday: when you see the photos of the heat wave or the photos of the scary fires, it makes you want to open your blood vessels with a butter knife more than to celebrate the life. Fortunately, we can count on people like @RonanPla to talk to us about news with ethics, professionalism, but above all to make us smile with a max of the second degree. Go follow him if you want to be the first on the info.

1. Swipe right direct

2. Balance your bank details

3. And they want us to believe it’s for our health…

4. Finally someone who denounces

5. Great prospect for the future

6. Luckily there are people like him

7. A beautiful life principle

8. We would almost miss this little health pass

9. In the teeth

10. Math is crazy

11. Sorry Mom

12. Beautiful program

13. He is strong in business that one

14. It’s the pioupious who will be happy

15. Big hiring at Buffalo Grill right now

16. Politics Is More What It Used To Be

17. As long as the French say so

18. You gotta give in

19. All rotten

20. It gives ideas for applications

21. Yannick returns, that’s not what Sandrine meant

22. While we had an orange for Christmas

23. Tired of people’s judgment

24. This is freedom of expression

Go it’s good, I put my resignation, take my place Ronan, you deserve it.

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