Top 25 of the best repartees in history, the pretty little uppercuts

Sometimes when you are in the evening and someone shouts you, you have a hard time answering tit for tat. And it’s only the next day in the shower that you find the right punchline. Suddenly, here are the best repartees in the history of mankind. Take some seed, so you can garden.

1. Girl Power is present

In addition, she was the one who had done all the work, so don’t mess around.

2. In your teeth

Talk a lot about our cousins ​​ok?

3. It’s a low blow but it passes

In the end, the two won a little, didn’t they?

4. She blew it clean

Now I want to marry Hillary Clinton.

5. The little bird will come out

He wrote Churchill well, but with women it wasn’t too much.

6. Personally I choose the money

So the English, are we less clever now?

7. He brought his gear

Fortunately he was not taken by a coughing fit after the word “attack” otherwise everyone would have freaked out.

8. The relou at the restaurant

Oh the heaviness of the guy, if he’s not happy that he’s going to cook on his own.

10. In the teeth

Very want to live in the suburbs with this person.

11. Lay your Mitran flow

I thought it was a zeugma but actually not really. Let’s say it’s a flexi-zeugma. Or a bit of an antanaclase… Well listen, we’re not going to squirm, we just have to say it’s a zeug-clase.

12. The real survival technique on line 13

Thanks Tristan.

13. The repartee to the end of the gun

The girl is to die for laughing.


A big blow to the idea.

15. My next punchline when I am asked for my opinion on the Goncourt price

Goncourt Forrest, run.

16. To put in the mouths of all small people

My kingdom for a few inches less.

17. It deserves to be clear

Afterwards, let us not forget that the good man was also fortunate to come out with horrible phrases about women.

18. Anxio-Diogenes

If this guy was a member of my family, I wish he was my Siamese.


20. I didn’t understand the answer but I laughed anyway

Like what the popes are really the guys who are crying to laugh.

21. Ouch

It must hurt but at least it’s funny.

22. This is my Charles

I understand that an airport has been named in his honor.

23. Badass marquise

Too anxious to cheat on my husband to throw this out on him.


Pompidou Pumpidup.

25. The girl who really doesn’t have an atmosphere

Arletty my love.

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