Top 25 of the best quotes from Paul Mirabel, salam les khoyas

If at Topito, we are very good comedians (my mother even said that we were funny, you see), we sometimes need to draw inspiration from talented comedians like Blanche Gardin, Alex Ramires, Guy Bedos or even Kad and Olivier. And we have to admit that we may have had a crush on Paul Mirabel who, in addition to being too cute, makes qualitatively fun jokes. It’s all humoristico-love.

1. “Salam the khoyas”

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2. “I had an appointment with a girl. We were supposed to meet at 8 p.m. I was stressed so I arrived a little early, around 2:30 p.m.”

3. “At one point during the evening, someone very angry approached me and said, ‘You, give me your phone.’ that humor was the best weapon to defend oneself, so I tried something. I answered ’06…’.”

4. “This girl really had one quality that set her apart from all the girls I’ve met in my life. It was that she came to the date.”

5. “I tell him, ‘Mister kebabier, you have a knife in your hand, you’re more muscular than me. Honestly, no, it’s okay. I’m not going to risk my life for barbecue sauce'”

6. “1m90 for 95 kilos, normally it’s the dimensions of a fridge, not a little brother.”

7. “Someone spoke badly to me so I answered him a little virulently: ‘Uh, can you stop please?'”.

8. “I did what everyone at the gym does, which is take a before/after picture. And I couldn’t figure out which one was the right one.”

9. “He asked me if I wanted to build top or bottom, I said ‘Sir, I know my body, and I don’t think I can afford to make a selection.'”

10. “I run, I jump, then the coach tells me ‘Sir calm down, that’s just the turnstile to enter the gym.'”

11. “I have the same muscle mass as plain yogurt.”

12. “I’m often told that I’m a nice person, I have no choice.”

13. “I am aware that currently I have the head of a secretary named Chantal.”

14. “I went to Canada last year. I love this country, I have been going there every year for a year.”

15. “The hostess says to me ‘You look young and vigorous’, I say to her ‘Well already you, you’re calming down huh’.”

16. “I’m happy to be back on stage after the coronavirus. Uh, I just didn’t understand all the rules they explained. They said you shouldn’t come closer than a meter from the people you don’t know. So personally, I was already doing that before.”

17. “I did the Covid tests recently. I paid €70, the nurse told me that I didn’t have it. I said to her, ‘Madame, €70, I have it.’ “

18. “It was 4 years ago, a girl who was with me in acting class. I can’t say her name, just because I haven’t really given up on the project 4 years later.”

19. “I’ve taken a lot of front winds in my life, so much so that I feel like a wind turbine. In all honesty, I think I helped get France out of nuclear power.”

20. “Here she says to me ‘It’s a bit dark, I’m afraid to go home, can you walk me home?’. I say to her ‘well listen, that’s good I too am a little scared to go home, can you walk me home?'”

21. “I’m extremely ugly in FaceTime. I think my face is a barrier gesture.”

22. “I go to the bar and ask for an apple vodka. The waitress gives me the vodka and says ‘That’s 23€.’ just wanna have a drink like this.'”

23. “So far the best defense weapon I’ve developed up to this age is flight.”

24. “I’m trying to get up but I can’t because my legs are gone chatting together in the smoking room.”

25. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to go back there, he’ll see what firewood I’m using.’ Except that I’m not using any wood.”

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