Top 25 names that are hard to bear because of a dirty song

Choosing a first name for your child is a real challenge: you have to get along within the couple, please the family, avoid shitty puns and anticipate the teasing that the kids in the schoolyards will not miss. not to do. Especially if the first name in question is associated with a song that had its little success and that we will tirelessly remind your offspring until they are old enough to stick pies on all those idiots who find it hyper -Original quote song lyrics when introducing yourself. If you have a name from the Top 50, we understand your distress. Courage.

1. Celine

When your name is Céline, you spent your childhood hearing people ask why you didn’t “never thought of getting married”. We don’t know why, until the day we discover the existence of Hugues Aufray.

2. Daniela

Not easy to be called Daniela. Because “three of us can do it” according to Elmer Food Beat (and “we can put our fingers to it”). But after what the Danielas went through after the title of the Black Socks in 1961, their population has clearly decreased, there must no longer be masses of them.

3. Alice

The Alices were happy when we got them drunk with Noir Désir, “Is it true that you have the gift of transfiguration?” »but since Franky Vincent, “Alice, it’s Slippery”, and that’s it.

4. Emma

“Emma TV is on”… Emma, ​​it’s already a first name that offers a grip for rotten puns, but when a group like Matmatah makes a hit of it, it’s a real ordeal.

5. Stephen

When your name is Etienne, you strive to have strength in your hands, never let anything fall, so as not to give anyone the opportunity to say “Etienne Etienne Etienne… hold on tight!” ». To be an “Etienne” is to have Guesch Patti as a sworn enemy.

6. Elisa

If your name is Élisa, it’s probably because your parents were fans of Gainsbourg (if your middle name is Manon, you’re set). So if a lot of people find it very funny to ask you to jump on their necks (or pick them lice), you know who to blame.

7. Alexandra

“Well, aren’t you eating? I thought you had more appetite than a barracuda? (BA-RRA-CU-DAAA!!)”.

Being called Alexandra is a bit like being called Claudette.


That is to say, the Maxims, the Maximilians, the Maxences… “We’re having a meal on Saturday, are you free, Max?… Hahahahah…” The horror.

9. Aisha

“Aisha, listen to me! Aisha.. don’t go away! » Yes. Go away, immediately. You don’t have to go through this.

10. Helen

“Hi Hélène… it seems that you’re a girl like the others? ». Being an Hélène, whether we like it or not, has been a hassle since the early 1990s.

11. Diego

A lifetime to be “free in his head”we don’t wish that on anyone.

12. Lucia

We barely had time to forget Michel Polnareff when Pascal Obispo arrived… Add to that the smart guys who think that you imagine yourself in the sky with diamonds, it’s an unprecedented flirting technique, and we’re good.

13. Dominica

” What’s your name ? Dominica? Like “Dominique Nique Nique” ? Nope ? … Just Dominique? Okay… “

14. Anne

“No, I don’t like anise lollipops!” And it’s pronounced “aniS” Leave me alone! »

15. Leah

Not only did the Léas have the same first name as all the girls in the low-fat cereal ads, but since this title of Louise Attaque, they are regularly pointed out that they are not “not bad but damn they are boring”. And that sucks.

16. Matilda

When your name is Mathilde, you don’t understand why everyone tells you Mathilde is back. Because you don’t have a Brel vinyl collection at home. And you would like to reassure yourself by telling yourself that the Madeleines shit as much as you do, but since you don’t know any of them, it remains relative as a consolation.

17. Melissa

When your name is Mélissa, people have thought since Julien Clerc that you “always live undressed”. Actually no. We dress like everyone else.

18. Raphael

“4 consonants and 3 vowels, it’s the first name of” … shut up ?

19. Mary

Between Francis who speaks in his little voice and Johnny who repeats all year long “if you only knew”… we end up knowing.


Charlotte, it’s hard for a lot of reasons. And if we had to find another one, we would highlight the presence of this first name in the top of the bawdy song. Would you call your kid “Curé de Camaret”? No, well then…

21. Jerome

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss3sssssssssssssssssssssssssss5 us you5 yous yousss you! RIP to all the Jeromes who show up.

22. Roxane

“No need to turn on the red light” hin hin hin hin. Too funny.

23. Vanessa

“Oh Vanessa, I’m thinking of you, my underwear is wet, I have to wake up” super annoying.

24. Josephine

Who’s hot to dare Josephine?

25. Djadja

OK the first name is not common but frankly respect to all the community.

But also Vanessa, Roxanne (“No need to turn on the red light, Hahaha!”), Suzette (who still gives pancake names to her kids?), Cécile in the Toulouse region and Aline (a first name to scream, for let her come back) while the Vanina are quiet since no one knows the rest of the lyrics.

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