Top 25+ most anticipated films of 2024, sleepless nights in cinemas

Here we are in 2024 and the year promises to be busy when it comes to cinematography and series, giving us ample reasons to go see films or binge watch series on both big and small screens. Today let’s focus on film releases during 2024–there should be quite an impressive array.

Dune – Part Two

Denis Villeneuve returns for Dune – Part Two with almost unanimous acclaim from audiences, adapting Frank Herbert’s novel of Dune on to film for audiences worldwide to see. Here we find our heroic hero Paul (PLS), living amongst desert tribes on Arrakis; in part two there will be many exciting developments which we cannot wait to witness first hand! We know there will be much happening this time ’round and we cannot wait!

Mickey 17

After his critically-acclaimed and award-winning Parasite, Bong Joon-ho returns with another science fiction flick called Mickey 17. Robert Pattinson stars as Mickey 7, an investigator sent to an uncharted planet where, upon death, his last memories are implanted into another version of himself before returning home; similar to most video game techniques but even cooler in film!

most anticipated films of 2024


Furiosa Soon after the thrilling return to Mad Max with Fury Road, director George Miller returns with another installment that explores Furiosa’s origins (portrayed here by Anya Taylor-Joy as opposed to Charlize Theron in Fury Road). We cannot wait for more cars racing across desert landscapes, explosions and images that break our retinal cells!

Joker: Folie à deux

Joker: Folie a deux Todd Phillips’ version of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker will hit cinema screens again in October, following their relationship from its infancy until it finally ends in madness and suicide. Surprisingly enough the film should take form of a musical, though at first sight this may appear counter-productive.

The Fall Guy

An unsophisticated stuntman finds himself back on a big film after years when hired as stunt double for an action star who disappeared without warning on set; when this occurs again and mysteriously returns years later, this good old stuntman decides to investigate — what they find could change him forever; though I have yet to watch this film! Intriguing sentence! I can only guess at what you might discover there but the words make one curious for more knowledge

Gladiator 2

Why make Gladiator 2 after it had already concluded 20 years prior? No idea; Ridley Scott does what he wants! In any event it should focus on Lucius (Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator 1) who idolises Maximus but lacks his courage compared to him and hopes to follow in his footsteps one day; we shall see.


Quentin Dupieux’s next documentary about Salvador Dali (played by Anais Demoustier) should prove intriguing as the director must go visit him several times throughout filming. Edouard Baer, Pio Marmai and Jonathan Cohen may take turns playing him; all lovely individuals whose portrayals should make for some unpredictable, funny viewing – just what Dupieux excels in doing!

The count of Monte Cristo

After The Three Musketeers was successfully adapted, now The Count of Monte Cristo is being made into an adaptation within Alexander Dumas Cinematic Universe (a real thing!). Once more we will witness an adaptation of Pierre Niney as The Count, with results to be determined; though real life Niney seems quite promising for this role.

Alien: Romulus

Alien: Romulus is the new installment in the Alien franchise set among Roman culture as suggested by its title. Although, at this stage the title remains tentative and we don’t have many details regarding this film’s plot yet, our speculation suggests that it should take place between Alien 1 and Alien 2, chronologically speaking; further details should follow shortly thereafter.

Mufasa: The Lion King

The Lion King Disney should create a live-action Lion King film to take place before The Lion King because Mufasa dies by falling during a buffalo marathon in that film and this new one should focus on King Mufasa – Simba’s dad – prior to its release in theatres. In order to draw audiences in as far as possible. The focus would shift toward Mufasa instead.


Borderlands Be wary when viewing this movie adaptation; done properly it can become an absolute masterpiece. For those unfamiliar with Gearbox’s videogame of Borderlands, let me describe its atmosphere: crazy science fiction adventure taking place within an absurd yet hilarious universe (note repetition!). Fans hope that no matter the eventual scenario of the film adaptation there will still be respect given for its atmosphere from game.

Top 25 most anticipated films of 2024 sleepless nights in

Civil War

After Annihilation And Ex Machina, director Alex Garland returns with an anticipated film wherein America is torn apart when different militias join into civil warfare against one another – potentially making for an exceptionally violent, realistic, and nightmarish movie experience; its trailer suggests something quite brutal yet eventful like riding Space Mountain without your undergarment on.

Iron Claw

A true story about two muscular brothers wrestlers from the 80s known as Von Erich Brothers raised by their overbearing father who left an imprint in this sport’s history, this movie produced by A24 will see Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White with prominent arms and curling locks as Zac and Jeremy respectively.


A lonely astronaut finds themselves on Venus to observe and analyze a large cloud of dust. While taking this time alone to reflect upon key events that have marked his life and take inventory, they quickly come to realise they may not be alone on planet.

Blue & Company

Imagine living in a world in which imaginary friends really exist but most adults abandon them as adults; one man gains the ability to see and talk to these creatures who eventually become his friends; however, some become mean-spirited after being abandoned and have turned hostile over time. I personally like this idea very much so we will just have to wait and see what transpires; John Krasinski (Jim from The Office as well as screenwriter and director for Without A Sound) directs this film!

Deadpool 3

After years of anticipation we finally get our third chapter in Deadpool’s adventures: Wolverine Vs Deadpool (release date May 18). Hugh Jackman shocks everyone by agreeing to don Wolverine’s claws once more after saying farewell in Logan (though still second hairiest after Beast), even after having said so for good in that film.


In Challengers, Zendaya stars alongside Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist to portray an emotional love triangle between tennis players and coaches. Zendaya takes the role of Zendaya the Coach who decides to get her husband back onto his game by enrolling him into a tournament where his former best friend (also his ex wife’s) faces off against them both; there will also be balls, nets and rackets as well as scenes featuring all three in bed together in what promises to be an authentic tennis tournament experience that truly stands up.


After four films and series in the John Wick universe, another hitwoman will emerge called Ballerina played by Ana De Armas. Can we try and guess her scenario? She might seek revenge against those responsible for killing either her husband or family – an original idea indeed!

Quietly: Day One

To expand upon the universe of Without A Sound, but instead focussing on different characters at the start of their arrival of these killing machines (something resembling librarian or fussy and potentially psychotic neighbour).

The Bikeriders follows Austin Butler and Tom Hardy’s lives as two members of a tough and violent biker gang in the Midwest in the 60s, oiling engines, driving on national roads but also fighting increasingly dangerous gangs as they become famous. Jeff Nichols directed this excellent movie – not Air Bud 3 as was said earlier!).


However, is it becoming trendy to make sequels of films which were outstanding thirty years after they first released? Yes. Unfortunately Tim Burton will likely ruin what was an early work of his. But with Jenna Ortega set to star, audiences are sure to embrace this work no matter the quality. Plus no details yet as we don’t yet know its subject matter!

This dramatic comedy shows us Clarence’s attempt to capitalize on Jesus’ fame to make big bucks by capitalizing on it for personal gain in 29. I don’t know whether it will be taken as either an attack on Catholic doctrine or as an absurdist comedy, but Lakeith Stanfield and Benedict Cumberbatch will surely add their talents.

Vice-Versa 2

We may have been unprepared for Vice-Versa 2, yet its sequel should still make an appearance by 2023. Here, Riley still feels her emotions but now as an adult student and recent graduate a whole new emotion will arise within herself and within her team: anxiety. Even animated films needn’t talk too much about anxiety in working life!

Wicked Part I

Attention is drawn to an exciting adaptation of the Wizard of Oz world for film adaptation, this time featuring Ariana Grande as part of her role. Her appearance alone would suffice as motivation enough.


Francis Ford Coppola could return after nearly 10 years away from cinema with Megalopolis – his dream project from almost 30 years ago that depicts an architect trying to construct their ideal city in New York. An unusual genre of science fiction film featuring Adam Driver, Forrest Whitaker, Shia Laboeuf and possibly Vincent Lagaf as Vincent Lagaf’s agent waits patiently for their agent for answers regarding production details and release.

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