Top 25 major travel fails, the hassles we almost miss

Among all the things of the old world that we miss, there is travel. And, O joy, O infinite happiness, we can finally start to plan a little vacation across borders (provided you take a cotton swab in your nose beforehand, of course). What we hadn’t foreseen, however, was that all the little disappointments and big travel galleys were also going to turn up the end of their noses. But frankly, we are ready to find all that again, and with a smile, because we had missed it too much.

1. We are even ready to fly 4 hours with zero legroom, we are so motivated

2. Their flight left two hours ago, the passport and tickets were left in the toilet. It smells like a messed up holiday.

3. Her sunscreen exploded in her bag and sprayed all of her documents, including her passport

4. The toilet on the plane hasn’t been emptied and it’s overflowing in the hallway (and yes, there’s a guy with big socks in sandals but that’s not the point)

5. Airport security held them up for something stupid, and they missed their flight by almost two minutes. Their face is the very definition of disappointment.

6. He asked for the window seat, but there is no window

7. The cute little dog who devours your passport a few days before your flight (so that you stay there to take care of him of course)

8. We forget it too often, but the bag that breaks when you are just starting your trip is also one of life’s little pleasures.

9. When there’s a piece of luggage left on the tarmac, you know its owner is going to have a great vacation.

10. The passenger in front of him lowered his seat and it broke his new computer to 2000 bullets

11. There was so much turbulence that the beverage cart overturned (there’s liquid up to the ceiling, it’s beautiful)

12. His flight was postponed 5 times before being canceled altogether. Hell.

13. The joy of paying 40 euros for a pizza on a plane to receive this filthy thing

14. On the other hand, we do NOT miss these people without embarrassment on planes but then NOT AT ALL

15. They drove 9 hours to Mount Rushmore and their mom took this super off-frame photo.

The disappointing holiday photos, we made a top of them and it’s quite tasty.

16. This kind of trip that looks like a horror movie

“My sister has been stuck at the Pittsburgh airport for over 24 hours now due to fog and we had to postpone Christmas. Here are all his canceled flight receipts. They also lost his luggage yesterday even though the plane never took off. »

17. His plane offers a documentary “Why there are plane crashes”, perfect for relaxing during the flight.

18. Totally want to find airports and their culinary pleasures worthy of 3-star restaurants

19. When you grabbed the only plane window that lets you see nothing

20. There is also this kind of not very reassuring vision in mid-flight

21. He had taken the seat in front of the exit door to have more room for his legs, but the guy in front decided to fuck his trip

And he’s a small player next to the worst airplane neighbors in history.

22. He too is going to have a great trip, you can tell

23. He was glad the plane was half empty to have more room, but the girl next to him preferred to stay in the middle seat.

24. There’s always a lucky kid who’s the only one on the plane with a broken screen.

25. He broke his leg 4 days before leaving for Tokyo. Champion.

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