Top 25 funny tweets about the salad, this little piece of greenery with a taste of happiness

With summer comes the time for the swimming pool, camping, sunscreen, but above all small fresh salads, yum yum, what a treat. Intravenous tomato-mozzarella, I don’t want to know anything. A topic that fascinates and unleashes (at least) and that we’re going to talk about today because I’m sure you haven’t eaten your five fruits and vegetables a day yet so we say thank you Topito for taking care of my health .

3. A gifted kid, there’s no doubt about it

4. It changed Buffalo Grill

5. I have no words

6. C tro vré ce kil di

7. It’s math

9. If I had had this as a text commentary in baccalaureate…

10. And it’s not about the salad

11. A Beautiful Person

12. Some girls on their first date: I’m going to have a salad / Me on the first date:

13. She hurts a little

14. We won’t go so far as to say that it’s deserved but…

16. Want to get into a history degree

17. I love the concept

18. He Has My Vote

19. Caesar wasn’t joking with his salad

20. Time flies…

21. This is for the salty side

23. Not sure if you want to taste it

As the Dalai Lama said, “one salad is better than two you’ll get”.