Top 25 funny tweets about the fridge, the one we like to empty when we come home from the evening

What would life be without this incredible tool bathed in light that is our fridge that allows us to eat properly night and day? Not much, I grant you. Without him, I would never have been able to call you my little ficellos or my little jars of fresh cream. And as it is priceless, I have selected for you the best tweets about it. Here, end of the intro, we get to the heart of the matter.

3. We never sleep at your place

4. Effective and inexpensive

5. She said the terms

6. So that was it from the start

7. Sorry I didn’t answer you, I’ve been on TikTok for the past two hours watching videos of people tidying up their fridges and putting stuff in plastic boxes. It’s my fault

8. This one always looks bad

11. Adopt us please (or file the ref)

13. Mashed potatoes (lol do you have it?)

14. Nah we don’t miss it at all…

15. But how??

16. There’s interest! Oooooh, there is interest

17. We go out screaming

18. So this is the cycle of life?

20. It’s not math

21. It’s nimp, stopeeeeez

22. It’s for a good cause

23. No more milk before or after cereal

25. Sympathetic Discovery

26. Ashamed, absolutely ashamed

27. It’s not Versailles here!

Go, close the door, after the heat will return.

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