Top 25 expressions that we said badly when we were children

At the turn of a conversation, we always hear dozens of strange French expressions that we swing without even realizing it. There are funny expressions that should be brought up to date, such as “breaking a duck’s three legs” but also expressions from the 2010s that we are glad to no longer use. And then there are the expressions of children, the ones that we find super cute because they have been misunderstood. After children’s words like “biting pigs” and “crazy pig”, here are the expressions from the children’s point of view. No wonder they never understand anything…

1. Giving is giving, repainting your shutters

But what is the relationship between offering something and doing renovation work? Did we show our gratitude before by offering to repaint our friends’ barracks?

2. Pick up Mehdi at 2 p.m.

Who is this Mehdi and why is everyone looking for him? Is he a friend of yours?

3. Return the device

This ancient expression dates from the year 800, the year Charlemagne finally returned to his friend Leo III the raclette machine he had forgotten at home. The phrase stuck.

4. And I am the arena of England

What is so special about this arena that we all want to become like her? Is it nicely decorated?

Top 25 expressions that we said badly when we were children
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5. Old bikers than ever

Would you rather have old bikers or nothing at all? That is what I thought…

6. Skip Diet Coke

Is this expression really just a hidden promotion from Coca-Cola? They hide things from us.

7. Beware of the sleeping wolf

It’s still much more logical to be wary of a wolf than water. What can water do other than splash on you?

8. Putting the cart before Hebrew

During the Middle Ages in the Middle East, raising cattle was more important than knowing how to read or write. Also, the plow was often put before Hebrew. Logic.

9. It’s clarinet

To signify that something is obvious, we often say that “it’s clarinet” because it’s an easy instrument to learn (no).

10. Six Young Abuse Me

Who are these six young people and why did they decide to hurt me? It does not mean anything.

11. There’s Tanguy under the rock

It’s much more surprising to find Tanguy lifting a rock than to find an eel, that’s obvious.

Top 25 expressions that we said badly when we were children

12. A mystery bouquet

Already that we do not really understand the expression “scapegoat”, a mystery bouquet is even more intriguing.

13. In Good Uniform

Much more logical than in “good and due form”, we immediately understand that we are talking about something official if it is in “good uniform”.

14. Find the hooker

Finding your soul mate means finding the person who will take the bait of your heart. Everything is connected.

15. Uncover the pink post

This pole is the source of many conflicts and no one really knows why. A pink post moreover, it should be nice though.

16. We don’t feed pigs in Leclerc

Honestly, do you prefer to be fed with clear water or with Leclerc’s food? Meditate on it.

17. Ever 203 (the Peugeot)

This car is cursed, everyone knows it. I would prefer there never to be a 203 because “never two without three” sucks.

18. To pull the bean

If we are talking about something present in large quantities, in abundance, it is that it is far from being the end of the beans (you follow me?).

19. Lose the Bones

Imagine if we had to lose all our bones every time we gave birth? Already it’s not super nice, it would be even less nice.

20. Being on the same nail length

Everyone knows that a person with long, manicured nails can’t get along with a person with bitten nails, it makes sense.

21. Take courage to tomorrow

This expression suits me much better than the original because it allows you to procrastinate as much as possible.

22. Not worrying about the raccoon camp

Baby rats love to judge us and we have to try to ignore them to live happily, everyone knows that.

23. Pack a Mars

On this point, I don’t agree. I’d much rather earn 100 bucks and not have to do the job of the factory robot wrapping the sweets.

24. Don’t worry about living

I never really wanted to spend my day at the edge of a lake to kill fish so I leave this expression to you.

25. Put someone on a stand

A bit like in Koh Lanta, you put someone on one foot in balance and they have to stay upright as long as possible.

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