Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

It’s 2020 and we’re getting old. And since we’re a bit stupid, we can no longer follow the fashions launched by young people as well as their expressions, especially their expressions. They are irrelevant and greatly harm the future of the language of Molière. So we passed a petition to ban these 25 expressions from the devil forever.

1. Well seen

A new fad is to say “well seen” instead of thank you for people who don’t really want to be polite. In general, it is a response to someone who brings you information.

Use : “The entry code is B39D” “Well done”

2. Jackal / chakal

Originally an insult, “jackal” has become a word to call your buddies (or anyone for that matter). It can be used in a cordial discussion as in a context of tension.

Use : “Nah but what are you doing there chakal? »

3. Blood

Today become a great classic, “the blood” is a diminutive of “the blood of the vein”. The expression refers to a friend so close that he is like our own blood and comes from the great master Jul. It is often shortened to “the s”.

Use : “Hey the blood how are you? »

4. The *initial* is S

This is a brand new expression that comes straight from Jul as well. “The S” obviously means “blood” and is placed before the initial of the person we are talking about to signify that he is a safe guy, a nice person.

Use : To talk about Denis Brogniart: “The D is the S”

5. Hot

Attention, it is more complicated because the term “hot” has two opposite uses. “I’m hot” means “I totally want to” while “it’s hot” means “it’s tense” / “it’s going to be complicated”.

Use : “Dude are you coming to the party tomorrow?” » « It’s hot, I have work » = it’s not

“Dude are you coming to the party tomorrow night?” “I’m hot!” = yes

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

6. Leases

Here we are not talking about a rental lease but rather a generality equivalent to a “stuff”. To speak of leases is to speak of a grouping of anything and everything.

Use : “Is it true that Sophie did gardav? “Yeah, she’s in dark leases.”

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

7. Do belek / belek

“Fais belek” means “Be careful” but it’s not a nice warning, it’s more of a warning. If you’re not careful, you could get into trouble.

Use : “Do belek, I won’t always be there to help you. »

8. It’s nothing, it’s the street

This phrase exists to make it clear that anything can happen in “the street” (understand “the neighborhood”). We are no longer shocked by anything because anything can happen and everyone does what they want. The phrase “It’s nothing, it’s…” can be declined in multiple ways.

Use : “Dude, why did you do that? “It’s nothing, it’s the street. »

9. Let’s Go

“It’s going into production”, “We’re going on it” or “It’s going” quite simply. Here is a new expression which means “Let’s go”. Adults hate this expression.

Use : “Who’s hot for a Greek?” » « Let’s go! »

10. Being Deter / The Deter

Diminutive of “determined” / “determination” but obviously it’s too long and difficult to say determined in full so to be cool and trendy and deserve slaps you just say “determine” when you’re hot potato to do something. Or else you can also say that you are hot potato. Especially if you like potatoes.

Use : “I take the metro, I don’t have the determination to walk. »

11. I’m natchave

“Se natchaver” means “to get out”, to leave the premises. It’s not a recent term, but it has been revived in recent years.

Use : “Okay guys, I’m natchave, good evening! »

12. I swore

Often accompanied by “life” which is a diminutive of “on my life”, “I swore” means “I swear to you” in a not very positive sense. Often, it’s associated with general frustration or a threat.

Use : “Hey I swore I’m so sick of this shitty day. »

“I swore, life, don’t go on because it’s going to be bad for you. »

13. Bg (new definition)

Not so long ago, “Bg” simply meant “Handsome” (a person with a pleasant looking physique, therefore). And then, the meaning of the term evolved. Today, it has become a way of calling the person you are talking to, a bit like “frat” or “blood”.

Use : “Will you pass me the salt please? Thanks bg. »

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death
Picture credits: Topito

14. Goumer

“Gouming” someone is simply kicking their ass. In general, it is used rather to speak of a threat and not of a gesture actually made.

Use : “Hey Macron is a phew, I want to erase it! »

15. Web

A “weeb” is a Western person who is so passionate about Japanese culture that it sometimes becomes ridiculous. Indeed, the web often appropriates Japanese practices in a stereotypical way.

Use : “dattebayo haha ​​it’s Naruto I don’t know if you know! “Dirty web. »

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

16. Okay

No it’s not “ok”.

Use : “Are we going to the Japan Expo this year? “Okay. »

17. It’s rinsed

A simple word to say it’s shit. It can be used to talk about an outfit, a movie, a class or even the weather.

Use : “Dude, your style is washed out, don’t you want to dress yourself better? »

18. Socoman

Useful for those who don’t know how to pronounce “how is it?” » but above all practical to use in the context of a paradox that you wish to point out.

Use : “Socoman the geo std?” »

19. Gadjo / gadji

When you talk about a person of masculine gender (or feminine for gadji) wanting to be swag multiplied by shlag.

Use : “And there, the gadji told me that she didn’t like Aya Nakamura.. Can you imagine? »

20. I khalas

“Khalasser” is to pay or to offer. If it’s me who khalass the friends at the bar, it means that I pay for my tour.

Use : “Tonight it’s Karim who khalass guys! »

21. JPP

Means that the person is exhausted, that she draws on her last resources in order to survive. Not to be confused with the football player Jean-Pierre Papin or the famous television news presenter. Any variant such as JPP de toi or JPP de T or even worse JPEP (to be pronounced “jipèpe”) are also to be prohibited.

Use : “mdrrrr but jpp how you make me laugh too much! »

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

22. Fiak

The word “fiak” means “buttocks”, in the same way as “ball”.

Use : “She has one of those fiak my brother. »

23. Go / Vazy

“Vas-y” is now used for anything and everything, but mainly to signify approval.

Use : “Are we going to McDo? “Vazy. »

24. Phew

De ouf means that something has extraordinary attributes. Notice the misspelling on the second word since the “f” is positioned at the end. Significant academic failure.

Use : “How about a pizza? ” ” Crazy ! »

Top 25 expressions of young people to ban, those who deserve death

25. Sorry Not Sorry

Means that the person pretends to want to be forgiven but actually doesn’t give a damn. Although this expression is often used in the context of a bickering with a comrade, it is suggested to delete it permanently, especially for funerals.

Use : “Wait, did you take my cakes?” “Yeah, sorry not sorry”

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