Top 25 Best Tweets About Rent Take All My Pay

You’re not good there, lying in your sofa or piled up in your bed?? But whose sofa and bed, huh?? Because we see you struggling for your deposit every time people come to squat in your house. So to decompress between tenants, we made a small selection of the best tweets on rent, this thing that sucks us three quarters of our salary every month. Because it’s better to laugh than to cry, and anyway if I cry, it does me that much less to hydrate me.

2. It would take a year, like how long it takes to find a suitable apartment in the capital

3. They’re cheeky anyway

4. The definition of a healthy relationship

5. Direct eviction

6. A person who deserves to experience the flames of hell

8. No messing around ????

9. And now the owners, what are you going to do?

10. How are you intruders, are we not disturbing??

12. Honestly, mutuals are chaaaaud

17. Understandable, we would have done the same

20. Why are you doing this???

21. When the landlord announces he’s raising the rent

22. Abused and totally immature

23. Even for 10,000€, we don’t give a damn

24. No words to describe these despicable behaviors

25. Who, huh who??

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