Top 24 funny tweets about our twenties, the best time of our lives

Contrary to the unfortunately too true tweets about turning 30, turning 20 is more like a cakewalk until it can still take less than two days to recover from a hangover. And since we’ve all been there, a little top tweet was needed to remember (or recount) this beautiful period of our existence. Come on, raise your hands in the air as high as you can without feeling all your muscles pulling you.

1. Me in my twenties: it’s not easy to be old

Table of Contents

2. Your twenties are extended to 32 to cover time lost due to Covid

3. Being in your twenties means accidentally spending at least $40 every day

4. A mystery

5. Me in my twenties with my 63-year-old back pain

6. Me at 20: Secretly hates everyone / Me at 30: Publicly hates everyone

7. Another day of being a 20-something

8. Bunch of Losers

9. Being in your twenties is just going back to loving what you loved at 13 without feeling ashamed.

10. My 20s: drink it all, try all the drugs, try all kinds of sex stuff / My 30s: sit on the couch until it’s not too soon to go go to bed

11. Your late twenties are funny because your friends are either getting married or having an identity crisis. Some have both

12. Unable…

13. You have to be weird when you’re 12-14, otherwise you’ll be weird in your twenties and it’ll just be embarrassing.

14. Being in your twenties is seriously funny because lol what the hell is going on lol?

15. My workouts: At 20 – Runs every day / At 25 – Exercises once a week / At 30 – Uses a muscle by walking to the fridge

16. Always something to say these darons

17. I was made to live my twenties like this

18. Nostalgia, I cried

19. Stop wasting your twenties looking for love, go buy yourself tickets to concerts

20. What country is this??

21. But when in your twenties do you stop feeling like you’re 18??

22. How stupid can you be when you’re little…

23. At 20: Netflix and chill = having sex / At 30: Netflix and chill = really watching Netfix, really chilling

24. Sacred Period

Don’t cry for the 30-somethings, you’ll be fine, you’ll overcome this ordeal. It’s just ten little more years, nothing too bad…

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