Top 24 funny tweets about DIY, for those who know about…

Our world is divided into two categories: people who are very poor with their hands like children who make messed up drawings or people who don’t know how to grow things and the others. This second category notably includes all the DIY pros, those who were born with a 12 wrench in one hand and a jigsaw in the other. They make the twittos very admiring, and us with, at the same time. The time has come to try to inspire us with them to build a more beautiful world (but above all not wobbly bedside tables).

1. What is this sorcery?

2. It’s math

3. You never see that in prono movies

4. It’s for a friend

5. Stop ignoring me…

6. Dating wall app

7. You don’t have to be so smart

8. At least he’s into caring

9. For alpha guys

10. But what about you????? Swear??

11. Suspect

12. Paper really hurts…

14. No, but immediately the judgment there

15. If you have a tent too

16. Too strong this granny

17. It’s shameful

18. What a disappointment

19. There’s a Time to Stop

20. Hello Reputation

21. Always a pleasure the press headlines on feminicides

22. Shocking

23. There is a mistake about the person

24. My favorite seller (it’s fake)

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