Top 24 candidates for the new season of Koh Lanta, the cursed totem

You are not without knowing it, Koh Lanta is back.

And who says new season says: new candidates. And this year, we have 24. Yes, 24. That’s a lot. More than usual even, because the seasons are generally made up of only 20 players. So, big batch approaching.

So who are they, what do they do, why, who, how? Well, we’ll tell you everything. Well, from what we know of course. Obviously, if you want to keep the surprise, avoid this top. If not, let’s start the presentations!

1. Alexandra (35 years old)

Director of a radio group in the West Indies, Alexandra has a huge Linkedin vibe, inspiring speech supplement.

Super swimmer too but given her portrait, it smells like the candidate who can’t help but be authoritarian and endearing. We don’t believe in it very much, but at worst, it will drive up the audience.

Prognosis : eliminated at the second board of the adventure, Alexia Laroche Joubert buys back her box for a symbolic euro.

2. Jean-Charles (40 years old)

Jean-Charles clearly has the best header of the season.

We just want to go have a beer with him. In addition he is a carpenter so he will be able to make madman huts.


Prognosis : eliminated at orientation because he preferred to carve the landmark tree rather than looking for the beacon.

3. Amber (27)

150th sports coach in three seasons, we can’t take it anymore.

Prognosis : runner-up with no votes received at final board but ” the important thing is above all the beautiful encounters“.

4. Bastien (32 years old)

Bastien is a rope access technician.

Don’t be like, you don’t know what it is either. He is a climbing teacher. Sporty therefore, and seems to have a good relationship. A good pretender to the throne then.

Prognosis : Medical evacuation after falling from a coconut tree and saying ” let me do it’s my job”

5. Anne-Sophie (34 years old)

Profession: footballer’s wife.

Listen, why not. In his portrait, we read: Anne-Sophie wants to blossom for herself, and show her boys that mom is strong too. The intention is laudable, but one feels the weight of the mission and the burden on his shoulders. And since we know you by heart and we know that you are insatiable little weasels, the footballer in question is Anthony Mounier.

Yes, it’s disappointing.

Prognosis : eliminated on the third board because “I miss my darlings”. Will become a brunch friend with Camille, a former candidate now married to footballer Morgan Schneiderlin.

6. Celine (41)

A little air of Isabelle Nanty for this nurse from Seine et Marne.

Céline seems much too nice for this game. She is one of the only moderately sporty profiles in the edition, and we unfortunately fear the worst. Courage Céline, we believe in you!

Prognosis : eliminated at the first council by the alpha males because ” not sporty and deserving enough

7. Benjamin (24 years old)

His portrait is giga pretentious and speaks only of strategy. It smells like the big kikoo strat that will come out so quickly.

Tremble Ahmad and Adrien: the next generation is here.

Prognosis : eliminated on the third council after planning the next 19 councils and attempting an alliance with Denis Brogniart

8. Geraldine (47)

Géraldine is a property dealer, as much to tell you that she does not play for the 100,000 euros. But his experience and liveliness could take him a hell of a long way. The danger, a bit like for Céline, is the apparent physical weakness.

But we feel that if her team makes the mistake of letting Céline pass the reunification: she could well slip through to the end. Like a Maud from the War of the Chiefs.

Prognosis : eliminated just before the orientation test because “too dangerous”

9. Fouzi (28 years old)

A 28-year-old financial director, little is known about Fouzi.

He has a beautiful smile and wants to make “his family proud after losing his mom”. It’s tragic but beware of the excess pathos because it does not forgive.

Prognosis : eliminated in a surprise playoff with emotional sequence and tears on the beach

10. Lili (40 years old)

Company manager in Ile-et-Vilaine, the portrait of Lili is a bit mysterious. We just know that she wants to go around the world by boat with her family, like about 90% of the candidates from Koh Lanta.

For the rest, not much to report.

Prognosis : eliminated very quickly in general indifference

11. Matteo (20 years old)

Matteo is a classical dancer!

A job and an incredible passion that could make it unplayable on balance tests. Unfortunately for him and for us, he seems very introverted which could isolate him a little from his tribe. We really hope that the adventure will give him self-confidence and that he will be able to shine. Just to piss off the few dorks who are already sending him insulting messages.

Go Matteo!

Prognosis : Favorite of viewers, creation of a petition during its elimination.

12. Louana (28 years old)

The official portrait of Louana is disconcerting:

“After a very natural, even wild childhood, Louana had a chaotic school career. She sees in Koh-Lanta the opportunity to reconnect with the “wild” child that she was. »

Oh is it a candidate or is it Mowgli????

Prognosis : Medical evacuation after throwing his poop at Denis Brogniart.

13. Colin (25 years old)

The only Swiss publisher, Colin is a favorite.

And that is surely the problem. Young, sporty, intelligent and sociable. He has absolutely everything to win. But the others know it.

Prognosis : eliminated quickly after reunification because “too dangerous”

14. Olga (35 years old)

“This French cancan soloist at the Moulin Rouge comes from the steppes of Kazakhstan”

No, it’s not a Kamoulox, but rather Olga’s presentation. Who looks like an incredible person but whose face translates the expression ” fuck you right?“. Which can be a little complicated in terms of sociability. In any case, her profile differs from the others and we hope to see her go far.

Prognosis : eliminated at the ambassadors, Olga freaks out and insults the production in Kazakh.

15. Jean-Philippe (36 years old)

JP seems super nice but we already forgot him when we hadn’t even finished reading his portrait.

Prognosis : who ?

16. Pauline (24 years old)

Former French karting champion. Which is super strong but not very useful on Koh Lanta, you have to admit. Pauline is also the worst sentence of all the portraits:

She gave up karting to devote herself to the career of her more talented brother. »

The violence of this sentence makes us want to support Pauline more than ever.

Prognosis : 8th place at the Andros Trophy in duet with Éric de Koh-Lanta: The Island of Heroes.

17. Franck (52 years old)

The old subtitled from the show.

Already our favorite.

Prognosis : going to come out crazy with each episode

18. Samira (34 years old)

AGAIN a sports coach, help.

Well, at least Samira looks nice. A former pro handball player, she lives in Morocco and wants to “reconvert into the show”.

Prognosis : Winner. Yeah, we get wet here.

19. Setha (35)

Another super interesting profile: Setha is a 35-year-old graphic designer, mother of 4 daughters. Suffice to say that Koh Lanta next door is a walk in the park.

We believe a lot in Setha. A feeling.

Fun fact not at all fun: After Sakhone and Cécilia, Setha is only the third adventurer of Asian origin in the entire history of Koh Lanta. 3 players out of 423. There’s still work to be done.

Prognosis : eliminated in a qualifying round.

20. Stephanie (35)

A new profession in the history of the program: croupier.

Could Stephanie be an outstanding bluffer? His portrait seems to indicate it, insisting on the strategist side. We just hope she manages to hide it a bit, because we know the reputation of strategic players. Alas.

In any case, we really like Stephanie. GO GIRL.

Prognosis : eliminated to the ambassadors because “too strategist sorry”

21. Maxime (33 years old)

“Maxime is proud of his success, which he owes only to his work. »

Do you feel the boring candidate who gives great moral lessons?

Prognosis : will quarrel with someone younger by telling them “I don’t have any lessons to receive”

22. Nicholas (39 years old)

Nicolas has exactly the face of the funny candidate who will make everyone laugh but who will never be taken seriously.


Prognosis : “ahaha but he’s stupid that one”

23. Yannick (36 years old)

Former pro basketball player, Yannick has an IMPRESSIVE physique.

Beyond being gaulé like Thor, Yannick seems incredibly kind. But it will be hard to go unnoticed…

Prognosis : unanimously eliminated after winning 78 events in a row

24. Francois (38 years old)

François is a firefighter.

But small problem: he is currently accused of manslaughter for negligence. Whoops.

Prognosis : two years firm

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