Top 23 of the funniest tweets in the history of France

Hello, I am Laurent Mariotte. This is obviously false since I am not cooking a veal stew. On the other hand, I did something else very French for you: collect lots of jokes on Twitter about the History of France. There are French valves and foreign valves, so we get around the subject. It’s going to talk about incredible historical information, the French Revolution, Napoleon, World Wars, in short, everything we love. Let’s go for the show.

A special thank you to @FrenchHist and his excellent memes.

2. Ouch

Migraine – Hypertension – Stress – French Revolution

3. That cuts your fancy, huh?

4. An OM-FC Groningen on Sunday evening would have been great

5. Ok in real life he was not so small, but still

7. The Entente Cordiale, when we became friends with the English

8. The real reason for the French Revolution

Louis XVI was 1m93 and Robespierre 1m60, we understand better why he wanted to cut off his head

9. It was not a peace but a 20 year armistice

France and the United Kingdom on the First World War: it was the worst war of my life

World War II: It’s the worst war of your life so far

10. A summary of the History of France in the 18th century

Royalty –> Republic –> Empire –> Royalty –> Republic –> Empire –> Republic

11. Very Loud

_ I am an expert in French History

_ Oh yeah ? Name 15 kings


_ It’s my fault, I should have set the bar higher

12. Motives Have Changed

France and the United Kingdom before:

_ I will dominate the world!

_ No it is I who will dominate the world!

France and the United Kingdom now:

_ It’s my fish!

_ No it’s mine !

13. Not always the king of tactics, good old Napoleon

_ I will invade Russia

_ In summer huh?

_ …

_ In summer huh??

14. Cold in Russia

*Napoleon invades Russia*

The French army :

15. French chess

16. THANK YOU for restoring the truth

UK: There are too many of them, we have to get out of here.

France: No… you have to run away.

UK: What?

France: Go home, I’ll hold them back. But tell everyone how I fought, how brave I was. Don’t forget what I did today.

UK: I won’t.

France: No one will.

UK: So my navy came and evacuated all the British soldiers while the frogs were surrendering.

17. Yes, we are sometimes vicious too

“When you are not allowed to take the German coal mines then you create the European Coal and Steel Community”

Improvised. Adapt. Overcome.

18. Dark Ages

Paris between 845 and 860: “Again? Seriously ? »

Vikings, more vikings, more vikings

19. Maginot 🙁

The German army / The border with France / Belgium

20. They want to rob us…

France / Alsace-Lorraine / Germany

21. The french touch

“Seeing the French riot in real life is a real experience. I literally saw someone buy a baguette, hit a policeman and then go buy some cheese. »

22. If you had internet 15 years ago you know what it’s like

23. Bad atmosphere here

When you’re on guard at the Bastille and someone starts shouting “liberty-equality-fraternity”