Top 23 of the best tweets about cartoons (there’s no age for happiness)

If you are not one of those people who eat their breakfast in front of Tfou, M6 Kids or Gulli and get up at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning to watch the latest episode of Miraculous, then you better leave this top right away because we are going to talk about the best French cartoons from our childhood and laugh with nostalgia for those good times that made the adults we are today.

2. The idea was submitted to Universal Pictures

3. Tom from Tom and Jerry relates this

4. Ah mashed, the hole…

5. In the end, did Cédric finally pick Chen?

6. Come on, thank you next

7. It was really the good time the second confinement, finally

8. We would still watch so much we would like to marry Sam

9. This little one will go far

10. We would have given anything to do a year of study there

11. And this bar, does it do loyalty cards?

12. At the same time, we all dreamed of having Maestro as a teacher

13. On the verge of offering a live-action with these two people in the leading roles

14. If hell had a name, it would be for all teleshopping shows.

15. They are so cute

16. Let Jerry out of it all

17. Looks like the first option for sure

18. Makes cartoons Marie-Ange

19. If we can add Corneil and Bernie in 6th, we would be delighted

20. A Danger-Free World

21. I still have nightmares about abs machines.

22. Afterwards, this rabbit was never really very clear

23. If you don’t have a crown, you have The Mysterious City of Gold

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