Top 22 of the funniest tweets about colleagues, these people we see a little too much at our…

Going to work is generally the daily plague of many people, except those who have friendly colleagues (that is to say the entire editorial staff of Topito since they have me with them). But not everyone is so lucky and many workers have to stuff themselves with a bunch of colleagues, each more insup than the other, who make you want to do lots of jokes in the office to piss them off, like installing horns mist under all their chairs. If you are afraid of getting fired, you can always read the following tweets which are still a good outlet. To read again as soon as you feel like blowing your nose in annoyance.

2. Who doesn’t, who?

3. And again, it’s generous

4. Want to hire him to do camp activities

5. I want to see all the hands in the air

6. Cheh

7. Give Carlos a raise right away

8. It will be 15€ per hour for babysitting

9. The only colleague who has the right to lie on our lap

10. Maybe he deserves them because he named himself employee of the month

11. And again, she offered the dishwashing liquid used to wash the pans

12. Too Practical

13. A Mucka shoo

14. The M is the S

15. A beautiful person without a doubt

16. Little reminder for Monday mornings

17. I hate you, but strong strong strong

18. Can I still have the promo codes if it’s not too much to ask?

19. But what do you mean Mireille?

20. I would have loved to have you as a colleague

21. Too Lol

22. “Couldn’t do better” on the quarter 2 report card

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