Top 21 of the best answers of people who do not want children to the relous

In our society, when you say you don’t want to have children, it’s as if you were committing the worst crime: people let out indignant exclamations, look at you with dread, shout things like: “BUT WHYIIIII???? » and try to reason with you. However, we do not see what it can do to others that YOU do not want to have children. After all, it’s nobody’s business but you. But it is a logic inaccessible to the members of the natalist sect who will always want explanations. So, in the camp of those who don’t want kids, you always have to explain yourself. Here are some excellent answers to nail the beak of the suckers who ask too many questions.

1. We can be a family without children

“Stop saying ‘start a family’ when you mean ‘have kids’. A couple is always a family. A single person and his cat form a family. A couple and their plants are always a family. Three oddly close roommates could be family. You don’t need children to be a family. »

2. If you want some, you’ll have to stretch out the money


Me: I want to eat McDo

My mother: Do you have money for McDo?


My mother: I want grandchildren

Me: Do you have money for the grandchildren?

3. A woman is not just a womb

“Look at your bodies, women! Breasts, ovaries and a uterus. God created you for this wonderful job of giving life and nurturing your child! What could be more important than that? »

“Using my brain to get my doctorate and then teaching lots of women that they are more than hosts for babies and servants for men. »

4. Kids are way more boring than a cat.

“The biggest scam out there…

The apartments charge a charge for pets but not for children. My cat literally spends her days lying on a blanket while I literally hear kids banging on the walls. »

5. Why do we put “baby on board” on cars?

“Adults on board. We don’t want to be crushed either. »

6. Otherwise there is also this version which goes well

7. Totally True

“If you don’t have kids, your 30s will be like your 20s but with money. »

8. Kids are permanent too, know that

“My family: Why do you want to get a tattoo? It’s expensive, it’s painful, and you’ll have them for life!

Also my family: Have children :)”

9. Oops, looks like a truth

*Hard to swallow pills*:

“If you feel offended that someone doesn’t want to have children, it’s probably because you regret having them and wish you had known you had a choice whether or not to have them. before it is too late. »

10. This morning after pill works well

A notice left under a morning after pill: “I appreciate the absence of children that this product has given me”

11. Another hard-to-swallow truth

“I would have liked more people to recognize that they are not able to become parents, even if they want to have children. It’s a skill set, not a right. »

12. A healthy lifestyle habit

“I’ve noticed that women who look really good for their age follow a strict skincare regimen of never having children. »

13. Thank you ads

“We could normalize the fact that women are not baby incubators by showing negative results in ads for pregnancy tests”

14. A dog is a child like any other

“My dog ​​was lying at my feet at the airport and a child ran straight at him. I got between the child and my dog ​​and the child bumped into me. The mother looked at me with contempt, so I said to her: “He almost hit my dog”. She replied that wild animals should not be allowed in an airport. I answered : “Yeah, one of them nearly ran over my dog. »

15. Thanks Jameela Jamil

The wonderful Jameela Jamil posted this to stop pissing her off:

“I get THOUSANDS of messages telling me that I made a mistake having an abortion 7 years ago and what a miserable person I am… In fact I am happy, a multi-millionaire, madly in love, with free time, good sleep and a wonderful life and career. But thank you for worrying about it. »

16. Oh yes for a beautiful trip without children for example

“My fiancé and I have a jar and every time someone asks us when we’re going to have kids we put a dollar in it, and when the jar is full we’ll spend it on whatever we want because we don’t have children. »

17. It’s Magic

“If you say ‘I don’t want kids’ three times in a row, a middle-aged person will appear to tell you that you should change your mind. »

18. Awkward

“I had to buy a pregnancy test once and the cashier was kinda excited “Oh my God !! What are you hoping to get?? » and I answered embarrassed: “uhh a negative result…” and she looked so stunned and embarrassed and honestly she was right to be because NEVER ASK THAT. »

19. It Matters

Everyone: “Make children”

Me :

20. Worth it or not?

“Is being a mother easy? No.

But is it worth all those sleepless nights, the stretch marks, the weight gain, the out of whack hormones and the lifelong commitment? No more. »

21. The math is quick

“The average cost of a child per year is $15,000. The average cost of a dog per year is $1000. Thank you for coming to listen to my lecture. »

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