Top 20 Worst Customer Complaints in History

Worst Customer Complaints in History: We all have our fair share of horror stories when it comes to dealing with difficult customers. But some complaints just take the cake. Here are some of the worst customer complaints in history:

A woman called up a local radio station to complain that their music was too loud and was interrupting her soap opera.

A man called a furniture store to complain that the couch he had purchased was too comfortable and he couldn’t get any work done at home.

A customer called a restaurant to complain that the food was too good and she was gaining weight.

A woman called a hotel to complain about the noise from the room next door… only to find out that she was in that room.

A man called an airline to complain that his seat was too cramped. When the representative offered to upgrade him to first class, he refused, saying that would be even worse.

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

These are just a few of the worst customer complaints in history. The next time you’re feeling frustrated with a difficult customer, just remember that it could always be worse!

1. The person is of the stubbed type

“- Your photocopier is crap! He refuses to print and tells me that there is no paper when I handed over a ream this morning! There was indeed a new ream of paper in the machine, but still wrapped…

2. A very demanding customer on after-sales service

A customer who had an accident while coming to the dealership, and he says to me “it’s because of you if I had an accident, if I hadn’t bought the car from you it would have been perfect”.

Worst customer complaints

3. There are debates on which we cannot decide

Train driver, a passenger comes knocking on the door of my cabin to inform me that the roll of toilet paper was positioned in the wrong direction and was going wrong…

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

4. There is a form of abuse

Customer for a panty size change to whom I had to refuse the return because there was a big tire mark in the bottom of the panties: but it was not me who made this mark! it must have been before I bought it.

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

5. I admit I have already tried this one

“I bought this item off sale, I see that it is going down to 50%, I would like the discount”.

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

6. Vets, a suffering population

“Your treatment for my dog ​​didn’t work! But as it was boring to give it to him, I didn’t give it to him. But you didn’t take care of my dog! »

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history
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7. Mechanics also have patience

“I repaired my car at your place 3 years ago. It hasn’t started for a week. I’m waiting for your suggestions to solve the problem. Of course, I won’t pay anything. »

8. A solution? Someone ?

“It’s unacceptable that when you open your frozen doors there is fog. A solution should be found. »

10. You just have to vacuum the beach guys

Demanding a mobile home by the beach and coming back to make a scene because there is “too much sand on the terrace, I put it everywhere inside. Remove the sand. »

11. CQFD

In computer support: a customer calls us to fire us for having ignored his e-mail where he explained his computer problem. I profusely excuse myself because I don’t remember having seen his email and ask him to explain his concern to me: “I can’t send an email”

12. The fastest Godwin point in the world

“Hello Madam, it’s 5 articles maximum in cabins” “Ah good? It is because of people like you who follow the rules that thousands of Jews have been deported! »

13. Very Cute

I worked at the reception of a large retailer a customer brings back a box of camembert, he asks for the 20% discount noted on the box which was not done at the checkout after looking at the box it was 20 % fat and not discount.

14. Can someone inform this person?

A client who orders Quesadillas guacamole, she calls me back to tell me that it tastes like avocado that she didn’t want that but guacamole…

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

15. Merchandise Error

“The cheese is blue, it’s unacceptable to sell that! “He had taken gorgonzola…

16. Big Bad Apple

“- My dog ​​ate the phone I just received, does that come under the warranty? – The warranty only covers a manufacturing problem. I don’t think Apple is responsible.”

17. The abuse of bullshit is dangerous for health

Pallet of wine 350 kg from a private individual who requires that his wine be taken down to the cellar, ten percent reduction. Refusal on my part. He calls the cops.

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

18. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

A client who came to get a €3 candle refunded because it didn’t work… “It goes out as soon as I put the bell back on it!!! »

19. Let’s take little offense

“It’s a shame to sell an item with such a distant expiry date, all to sell it for more”

20. What an idea to eat vegetables too

A girl who wanted to be reimbursed for these vegetables because the soup she had cooked was not good…..

Top 20 worst customer complaints in history

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