Top 20 Useless But Fascinating Information

We know we can count on you when needed. Not later than a while ago, we ask you to reveal your best information relevant and secret, of those that we will enjoy relocating in a social dinner. And you answered present, as always. We love you, damn it, especially when you give us something to shine in society.

1. Hence the expression “sleep soundly”

2. Considering how hard it hits today, it would be more like “take that in your face”

3. It made me want all that croquettes

4. The mosquito pisses me off, especially

5. Okay, it’s during the Civil War and not Vietnam, but the info is cool.

6. Yourself

7. But do they give boxes of lighters in restaurants? No.

8. Me there is the left, and you?

9. Don’t go south of Lyon to check

10. This is the story of the viiiie

11. Nothing to do with cinemas

12. No, but “Bangkok” is good, it will be fine

13. It makes all these animals kinda creepy

15. He presses with his ass too, that’s what’s funny

16. It won’t make them go faster to know it though

17. Always there to beat the pro-Apple

18. If, with Riporze, that means nothing

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