Top 20 Unanswered Questions In Disney Movies, The Little Nonsense

A while ago, we wondered about cartoons: Why is Dora friends with a talking monkey? And how can Scrooge swim in his money? Today, it’s time to ask questions about Disney films because although we love these cartoons, there are always flaws in the script. If you think you’ll pass our Disney knowledge test, you’ve probably already asked yourself all these questions.

1. How could Cinderella lose her shoe?

Upon finding Cinderella’s shoe, the prince makes all the women in town try it on. Already, that means he’s forgotten his face (weird) but there’s something even weirder. If Cinderella is the only one who can wear the shoe because it’s exactly the right size, how could Cinderella lose it on the stairs?

2. Why is Anita friends with Cruella de Vil?

Cruella is mean and wants to kill the couple’s puppies, we understand that. But why are Anita and Roger friends with her in the first place since she is so abominable?

3. If Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy, why is he acting like a toy?

Arriving in Andy’s room, Buzz thinks he is a space warrior and definitely not a toy. However, he plays dead as soon as a human enters the room.

4. What do the dwarves do with all the diamonds in the mine?

The seven dwarfs go to the mine every day to find as many diamonds as possible, of course. But what do they do afterwards? Are they self-employed but prefer to keep them? Are they simple employees of a big box that pays them a pittance for their work? Do they spend all the diamond money on drugs? Who knows.

5. Did Boo’s parents realize she was gone?

Boo still left home for at least a day, we could see it with the doors that lead to the human world. So, did Boo’s parents worry? Did they think their child had been kidnapped? And how did they react when they found her in her bed?

6. What happens if the power fails in the Wreck-It Ralph arcade?

Game characters are thought to die if they remain in their game when it is unplugged, but they may just be prisoners until the game is plugged back in. With a power outage, perhaps nothing happens at all.

7. Nobody in the village of Belle wondered what had become of their Prince and his subjects?

Before being transformed into a beast and cloistering himself in his castle, the Beast was the prince of the kingdom to which the village of Belle, his father, Gaston, etc. belongs. So why doesn’t anyone know whose castle this is? Does anyone wonder what happened to the poor prince and all the subjects of the kingdom?

8. Flower doesn’t have a first name?

When he meets his friend the skunk, he calls him “Flower” because he is hidden in a flower bed. Afterwards, no one asks him his first name and everyone calls him Fleur, the poor thing. He must have had a first name like the other animals though…

9. Where do the 101 Dalmatians go to relieve themselves?

That’s a lot of dog poo.

10. Madame Adelaïde Bonnefamille really left her money to her cats?

If Madame Adelaide left the money to her cats, why does Edgar want to get rid of it? If the money goes to the cats, it will be up to him to manage that money as he sees fit, so he is a winner in the story.

11. Why is Winnie the Pooh the only animal that wears a t-shirt?

Coco Lapin, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and the others are not wearing clothes. At the same time, they are animals. However, poto Winnie has a little red polo shirt but walks around naked. I think there is no explanation.

12. Why doesn’t Ariel write what she wants to tell Eric?

Ariel lost her voice to have human legs and therefore can no longer communicate with Eric. The latter will therefore never be able to know the curse that weighs on his beloved. If only there were other ways to communicate besides speech. Kind of write. And we know that Ariel can write since she signed her name on Ursula’s contract.

13. Are Tarzan’s parents the same as those of Elsa and Anna?

Disney fans had a theory: After their ship sank, the king and queen of Arendelle made it to dry land and lived in the jungle. They had a baby boy, Tarzan, but died after the leopard attack. The second part of Frozen swept away this theory, but we still find it so cool.

14. Who takes care of Russell if his parents are never around?

Apparently, nobody notices that Russel has been away for several days on the other side of the world with an old gentleman in a house that flies with helium balloons. Very well. Who takes care of this child in this case?

15. Why does Tarzan have no hair?

Long and very dirty hair, we will have understood that. But the hairs in all this? At puberty, both men and women have body hair, so why? Does he shave in secret?

16. How can Mowgli speak the same language as the villagers?

The kid only spoke with wolves, a bear and a panther, but as soon as he meets a little girl at the river, he follows her to the village. When he then integrates into the village (we see him in The Jungle Book 2), he speaks with everyone without any problem of understanding and even knows how to hold cutlery. How could he learn so quickly?

17. What was Scar’s name before he got his scar?

When he was born, Scar and Mufasa’s parents gave their son a name, didn’t they? Unless that scar is from his very young age, it’s a wonder we don’t know his name. Additionally, Scar is the only character whose name is not a Swahili word.

18. Will Olaf die at the same time as Elsa?

If Olaf is a creation of Elsa and can only live thanks to her magic, it is very likely that he will die at the same time as her.

19. What happens to all the people Genie creates for Prince Ali’s parade?

When Aladdin’s first wish is to become a Prince, the genie creates clothes for him but also a whole people who follow him. What happens to these people when they are no longer needed? Are they disappearing? Or do they have to find a job and pay taxes?

20. How can Ariel stay at the table when she is served seafood?

His best friend is a fish, his father’s adviser is a crab, but Ariel doesn’t care and stays at the table while his people are fed to him.

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