Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #463

Hello friends, it’s time to have a good laugh with the best tweets of the last week, the ones that made us die of laughter and that we selected with love. We wish you a good read, lots of poutous everywhere and a very good week!


Table of Contents

1. I cut myself while carving a pumpkin and my 12 year old daughter told me to save the blood in case it was needed for Halloween decorations. I said “ok honey” and took a head of garlic to sleep with because WTF?

2. At least he’s in the theme

3. I use it daily

5. SWAT is on the move


6. I’m 27 and I blow my nose with PQ because I don’t have a box of tissues… At my age, my mother must have had plenty of boxes of tissues, as well as a house.

7. I’ll be thinking about Heidi Klum’s worm costume for days to come.

8. Nicely said

9. If it’s so kindly offered

10. At least he will be the biggest next year


11. Are so touchy…

12. “How a camel climbs a sand dune” – No offense to camels, I imagined them to be better at this kind of activity

13. Today marks 4 years since I removed poisonous berries from my diet. I feel much better, I have more energy and fewer daily trips to the emergency room. I recommend.


14. I remember when I was a child, I felt guilty for only sending a letter to Santa Claus once a year and only asking for presents. So I sent him a letter in July asking him if he was okay and having a good summer.

15. Plouguernével le sang

16. A beautiful picture


17. We are no longer surprised

18. Want to cry in front of the zero receipt


19. Best Valve

20. What genius!

21. 8 roundabouts in Paris, with the Etoile roundabout as the final boss


22. When you think about it, Harry Potter is a great story about having a super beautiful mother.

23. Bosnians: I want to swim / Croats: No

24. And as luck would have it, they wrote it

25. You’re not supposed to drink when you’re pregnant because the baby is underage.

26. We wait to see who cracks first

We would like to give you more but afterwards, you will always ask for more and it will be endless.

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