Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #438

Hello friends, it’s time for the top tweets on Monday noon! I know you need your dose of valves and good vibes to start the week off right. The good news is that’s what we’re here for: here are the best tweets from our favorite tweeters, those who have a real talent for telling anecdotes and making us laugh.


1. It wasn’t so fun after all

2. Too good idea

3. They’re not funny

4. Oh yes, King Dagobert excites me

5. We don’t want your love mom

6. You will give us a summary


7. But it’s too early to make a choice

8. “I’m going to freak out if you have to remember anything in Avatar 1 to be able to watch Avatar 2”

9. Really, not sure

10. All the promos have said that since the creation of the baccalaureate

11. His mother is a bit stupid, isn’t he?


12. “Things I miss from high school: – Fighting at 7 a.m. That’s all”

13. The elephant: eeeeeeelephant (I think)

14. Childhood Trauma

15. Even better to wave

16. Yum yum


17. She’s Right

18. It can happen to anyone actually…

19. Too Cute

20. A good calculation for a 6th grade class

21. The famous Bite Teub road


22. “At my funeral, take the bouquet from the casket and toss it into the crowd to see who’s next.”

23. They are hypnotized every time

24. “All cars can be Teslas if you look at your iPad instead of the road”

25. To put the family to shame


28. Be careful not to get flashed by the POLICE lol


30. It always has its little effect

31. Take Note

32. Infinite Sadness

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