Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #433

Hey guys, I hope everyone ate a healthy breakfast and started the day off right (it’s fun to imagine wheels with little party hats). Today, we found lots of funny tweets about the presidential elections, of course, but also jokes, anecdotes and not too nasty mockery about the world around us. Have a nice day everyone and don’t forget to change your underwear every day.


1. Little moment of enjoyment for Manu

2. “I knew the Grammys were a big joke when I heard Alvin and the Chipmunks won 5”

4. Children are so innocent *_*

5. There are fruits that really don’t care about us but I won’t name them (raspberries)


6. Good luck poor guy

7. Want to enlist in the army by listening to the lyrics

8. Funny that people don’t notice…


10. Who would have thought?

11. No I think it’s fake

12. What’s worse than the pouring cap that doesn’t care?

13. We should try to believe it


15. Do you put the shells before or after the cereal?

16. Looks like he forgot his basic function

Microwave: Do you prefer your food too hot or too cold?

Me: How about warming it up just right?

Microwave: Gneugneugneu, did you think you were Goldilocks?

17. When you think about it, it works too…


18. “When you leave the party but no one notices”


19. You don’t put your mind to it too, it’s not complicated to have 12 guarantors and 500,000 bullets aside

20. France’s hottest argument

21. Want to taste the feline tiramisu


22. They should have thought about it, this card is way too big

23. The stress behind the fake smile

24. They thought of all these bastards

25. If you work with your grandparents they might be able to drive you home in the evening.

26. She’s So Far Away

27. We all want this kind of “minister” schedule.

28. But he freaked out there, it’s way too weird

We meet next Monday to debrief the Easter weekend with family political debates that we are all looking forward to (no).

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