Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #426

Hey guys, it’s Monday and we’re still in the middle of winter but there are still positive things. Already, it is not too cold on the whole of the metropolis according to Météo France (this is a good point). Then it’s Euphoria day and we can’t wait to see the penultimate episode. And finally, it’s the day of the top tweets of the week and it’s perfect to raise the morale of the troops. Have a great week everyone !


1. We always knew

2. A perfect Valentine’s Day


3. It totally happened to me on the train

4. Adult life


5. The word ‘mucosa’ disgusts me

6. Want to play archery like this too much

7. Tell this kid to review the periodic table of elements….

8. It’s possible

9. But how old are we?


10. Damn but the kids killjoys how it annoys me

11. ‘Did you do today’s Wordle?’ man i’m drowning in work to finish and deadlines, of course i did

12. Can’t wait to see this quality TV movie

13. Poor Ron, what a boob


15. When I was little, my mother made us “chocolate soup” in a bowl with a spoon and it was so good. 20 years later I realize it was just hot chocolate and all the cups were dirty.

16. Terrifying, I want to see it

17. Saying that we used to pay too much for ringtones and now it annoys me when my phone rings

18. So Liberating

19. Oh yeah not cool

20. Always ball suckers to spoil the little pleasures of the strike

21. I would be afraid to fly away


22. Of Course

23. Don’t want to go there

24. Just for Fun

25. Not cool for the worker who worked his whole life to order one.


27. Oh wow the revelation

28. Can’t wait to see what’s next

Well, now that the fun is over, we have to hold out until the weekend, good luck everyone!

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