Top 20+ tweets that made us laugh this week #424

Hello friends, it’s time for the top tweets of the week! As usual, we meet to laugh in front of cute anecdotes, stupid puns and small clashes of celebrities. Take advantage of the sun that is pointing the tip of its nose and have a great week in February.


1. When you are happy to buy a blender

2. It makes you really want

3. Like everyone else, right?

4. The cutest of the four


6. It’s a failure

7. It’s okay it’s just a day

8. Why don’t kids like to sleep in the morning??


9. “Don’t worry, no need to pause” – A sentence that breaks my heart

10. Nah but you deserve huh

11. Ask no questions, there will be no answers

12. Memories from college that go back


13. They are really into abuse

14. You age faster when you’re on the right

16. It Was Really Bullshit

17. We’re Gonna Need Some More


18. So much more natural

19. Sheryfa Luna We Miss You

20. She pretends to be shocked

21. Want to taste the forbidden sandwich

22. Do I stink or what??


23. And she’s right

24. It’s too bad

25. My phobia these people

26. Oh yeah, let’s do this

And if you’re not happy, well, it’s the same.

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