Top 20+ tweets that deserve to enter the World Heritage of Twitter, the cream of the…

The concept of #patrimoinemondialdetwitter is that tweeters select their favorite tweets from the history of twitter to ensure that we remember the genius that lives in them. There are very old tweets, which date from the Mesolithic era, and which are still just as funny.

1. It must be a real hassle

2. He is right

3. Stop I’m crying

4. It’s still beautiful sign language

5. Rho it’s okay huh

6. Can’t wait to smile like an asshole at the bill of 52€

7. That’s Right

8. My god how awful

9. So much better than a baby

10. You have to know how to be patient

11. Good memories

12. We think of her

13. The Mercurochrome ad too

14. Oh yeah that’s hot

15. I dare not go back there now

16. Sounds good to me

17. It must be a hassle

18. It Couldn’t Be Important

19. Yes but it’s worth it

20. Make kids

21. It’s not possible anymore

22. He thought he was at his mother’s house

23. Excellent Technique

24. Unfortunate, it was not necessary to reveal it!

25. Too Weird

27. So Satisfying

28. Lucky They’re Here

Alright, we’ve laughed enough for today, it’s time to go back to our sad little lives. Kisses.

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