Top 20 tweets about English, the language of Shakespeare is not complicated

We are all equal in the face of death, but not in the face of English. Between those who have adopted this language to the point of emancipating themselves from subtitles when they watch an American film and those who, in doubt, add “-ed” at the end of a French verb while crossing their fingers to fall just (“No, I haven’t dejeuned…”), one wonders what has happened since those college years when we took the same courses. And in this globalized society, inevitably, the language of Shakespeare makes people speak.

2. Go back to LV1

3. Even English people need subtitles between themselves

4. Finally a fair and logical decision

5. Hello Spanish Cows

6. The universal language

7. We suck at English but we like puns

8. A budding future traveler

9. Uh OK, but we actually have “frout”

10. MDR

12. Unrecognized Power

14. The Harsh Reality

15. Or how to get a canker sore on your tongue

17. Two Schools

18. Chauvinists

19. The word that traumatized everyone

20. Exciting Conversation

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