Top 20 trendy men’s haircuts in 2023

Hi guys! Do you want to top off your sweet face with a mane that will get you noticed by your co-workers, your insurance advisor or your postman? Do you even dream of being at the forefront of hair fashion? Great, we found for you the 20 best haircuts for men that will wreak havoc this year. Whether you have short, long, curly, straight or rectangular parallelepiped hair (even if it’s rare), we necessarily have a cut that will suit you. Come on, put on your jacket and go to the cut-tif.

The undercut for straight hair

The undercut is not reserved for curly people, but for those who have straight hair like Justice, it will be necessary to opt for its shorter version. With this, you will never have to go to a job interview again: we will come directly to you in the street to offer you a job at 100k/year.

The undercut cut with dreads

Nickel for frizzy hair, the undercut mid-length dreads version is a weapon of massive seduction not to be put in all hands. With great power comes great responsibility.

The Pompadour cut

Despite its dusty name that makes you want to drink tea, the Pompadour cut is a classic men’s hairstyle that still works and stays on top this year. Be careful, if you are not used to having charisma, this cut will give you a lot.

The long wick forward

Ideal for curly hair, it can also work for straighter ones with a bit of wax as in the photo (don’t believe that they hold like that by magic, this hair). Well on the other hand, don’t be afraid to have tifs in front of your eyes, but that’s part of the style. If it bothers you, the following cut will suit you better.

The mid-length wick forward

This cut, which has the merit of hiding the largest foreheads, can be placed on the right as well as on the left and will allow you to assume your political edge in complete discretion (or simply to be beautiful, which is already very good).

The short wick forward

This one is worn in the middle and is structured with a little wax (I put a cool one at the end of the article that will suit you perfectly). With that on your head, you’ll be even more handsome than the handsomest of your buddies.

The cut to the back with a slight gradient on the sides

If you want a cut that’s both understated yet wickedly effective, this one always does the job. People might think you’re Ryan Gosling when you cross the crosswalk, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

The big tuft of curls

If you have beautiful bouclasses then let them flourish in a good big ball of long hair. On the other hand, we are not going to lie to you, they must be maintained daily so that they keep fishing. But if you have beautiful bouclasses, you already know it.

The big parting with mid-length hair

Yeah, “big line” doesn’t sound very classy, ​​but that’s not the point. The important thing is to have your hair close-cropped on one side and long on the other. And to look like a badass (but it’s not mandatory either).

The falsely messy mane of hair

For hair that’s a little straight (but not too much) and slightly curly (but not too much), this cut scores 10/10 on the seduction scale. The secret lies in this side ” I just woke up “ when in fact everything is studied to the detail. It stays between you and us.

The broccoli cut

Quite close to the undercut for curly hair, the broccoli cut has a little more length and volume, and it’s one of the big trends of the moment among young people. For those over 30 it’s also okay but be prepared for what we tell you “but it’s crazy, you don’t look your age! » You have been warned.

The cut of the ideal son-in-law

Also called the “Clark Kent cut”, it’s the perfect cut to play classic BCBG while giving off a sexual aura for miles around. The only concern is that if a hair moves a millimeter during the day, it will show, so always walk around with your comb.

Long Forward Dreads

For the length, it’s up to you, between mid-length and long, but whatever happens, the result will be cool as long as the sides are clear.

The long rock square cut

A great fit for guys with straight hair who like to listen to big guitars while shaking their heads. Be careful, just because it’s rock doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hair well.

The Slicked-back cut

Hair slicked back (with more or less volume depending on your genetics and your desire), it always has a little evil side that inspires fear and respect. So it’s a big charisma boost for whoever wears this haircut, but he doesn’t have to be really evil. We know people with slicked back hair that are creams.

Slicked back cut with undercut

The advantage of slicked back hair is that it can be paired with an undercut without any problem. It’s up to you to see if you like to feel the wind on the outer walls of your skull.

The asymmetrical cut

Slightly cropped left and right, longer above, and voluminous streaks that part to one side, this cut is kind of an organized mess that works on all face types, including rounder ones (as long as you keep some length on the sides).

Long hair behind the ears

Little hairdresser’s secret: it’s not because we are in the 21st century that we cannot choose a cut that smells good of the 90s.

Slightly asymmetrical mid-length hair

A small, slightly offset parting, slightly shorter hair on one side than the other and a slightly wavy lock for a largely stylish result. Makes you want to grow your hair out, huh?

(Bonus) The Bald Cut

Good, there, it is much simpler: it is enough not to have any more hair or to have a good razor. But it’s still classy and moreover it’s timeless, so we don’t see why you wouldn’t take the plunge.

(Bonus 2) A wax to achieve your best hairstyles

For a lot of cuts of this top, it is better to have a good wax on hand, so I recommend this one, tested and approved. It is vegan and a small amount is enough so the jar lasts a long time. You just have to rub the wax well between your hands to heat it up, and after that it happens almost on its own.

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