Top 20 things your clothes reveal about you, to finally understand your style

Clothes are very important. First of all because they allow you not to be cold in winter or autumn, and sometimes even in spring. But also because the clothes reveal a lot of our personality and our social status (indeed poor people are often badly dressed while rich people often have much more good taste and style). Like Marc Beaugé, find our finest social analysis of the outfit.

1. The turtleneck: you’re shy (and/or you have bad breath)

It is for this very logical reason that you take advantage of this textile appendage to hide your mouth when you communicate with people.

3. Fluorescent puffer jacket: you suffer from an inferiority complex, which is why you seek to draw attention to yourself

Or you take security measures for your bike journeys in order to be visible to motorists.

4. The over-sized sweater: you are lying to those around you and you most certainly have a secret to hide

You didn’t have a trash bag on hand anymore, so you preferred to spend your savings on a sweater that comes to your feet.

Top 20 things your clothes reveal about you, to finally understand your style

5. Stan Smith sneakers: your personality is equivalent to that of an oyster

Besides, you like to go to rock festivals to dance with your new ultra original sneakers. This is what we learn in this top which analyzes the different types of basketball.

6. The cap: you haven’t found your hair style yet (and/or you’re bald)

NB: for wearers of upside-down caps, the problem of style is no longer at the level of the hair but at the level of the soul.

7. Jogging: you have a passion for poetry and Mesopotamia

Indeed, according to a study, jogging wearers have in fact a personality very sensitive to the arts and an overflowing creativity. This would be linked to the comfort of the garment which allows you to give free rein to your ideas. Mark Zuckerberg would have granted a bonus to all his employees who come to work in jogging (with a double bonus for those who come directly in babygros).

8. Boyfriend jeans: hardened bachelor, you still want to pretend that you have a boyfriend

But in fact you paid to have these pants too big for you.

9. Corduroy pants: you’re frustrated

It’s normal, you would have liked to be a dandy, but you’re a lyricist for Patrick Sébastien. You live with the nerd, but she hasn’t paid her rent for too long.

10. Harem pants: you are gastrically unstable

You miss your diaper and you needed another piece of clothing to poo quietly without anyone suspecting you.

11. Overalls: you’re still too close to your parents

And of your childhood then… You would really like to come back to CM2 to flirt with Nicolas at recess, but it’s time to grow up, you’re not fucking 8 anymore.

12. The tweed jacket: you missed out on your career as a writer so you became a teacher

Finally… you didn’t pass a diploma or anything but when you showed up for the interview with your jacket on, you were hired straight away.

13. The bob: you live half the year at the campsite and/or you are a fan of rappers with a defective style

Either way, you have serious social integrity issues.

14. A t-shirt with Che Gevara printed on it bought on sale: you have no race

You also bought an I-Phone case with the symbol of anarchy drawn on it and you like to give your political opinion on Facebook.

15. Velcro sneakers: you have motor disabilities (such as not knowing how to tie your shoelaces)

Which assumes you’re under 5 or have recently had a stroke.

16. The Chelsea: you think you’re an English rocker when you’re just a student of letters

However, you do indeed like English rock, as evidenced by this t-shirt with a portrait of Kurt Cobain.

Top 20 things your clothes reveal about you, to finally understand your style

17. The XXS slim from Abercombie & Fitch: you are an ectoplasm

You can go around your thigh by placing your index finger on your thumb. The other day you found yourself in Brittany with a gust of wind.

18. A nylon nurse’s blouse: you’ve gone a little too far in your love of vintage thrift

The advantage is that it is waterproof.

19. The fishnet morphsuit: you are avant-garde and you like the contact of the air on your skin

But above all, you like to tickle well-meaning by adopting a controversial style that will spark debate and controversy.

20. The synthetic faux fur coat from a low-cost brand: you think you have a moral conscience by not wearing clothes from animal torture but you agree to wear a coat made in a factory in Bangladesh by sick children

People wearing faux fur coats are like vegans ordering bean steaks on Deliveroo. YEAH I SWALLOW I’M NOT AFRAID.

What if we all lived naked?

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