Top 20 things we wish we had known sooner

We spend our lives learning useless knowledge and we no longer have time to learn the essentials of life. We find ourselves having gaps, small gaps in knowledge that end up being filled, but much too late. You were asked what you wish you had known earlier about the Facebook and Twitterand there you have your newly filled gaps.

2. Audrey’s discovery:

“It’s not rocket science wasn’t actually shot in the truck. »

Topito’s opinion : No, it was actually shot in a car, but the car was super big.

3. Discovering Promise:

Topito’s opinion : Imagine the poor guy whose job is to kill babies when his wife asks him if his day went well. No, it’s still better to do it at the embryonic stage, huh.

4. Dani’s discovery:

“Do not put Tf1 before 9:15 p.m.… Otherwise we come across Canteloup. »

Topito’s opinion : Oh yes, I experienced it and I still have shivers of unease that run through my body. And then I have a question: why doesn’t Canteloup even try to imitate the people he looks like anymore? When you’re an “imitator” aren’t you supposed to take over people’s voices? I do not understand anything anymore.

5. Lauryn’s discovery:

Topito’s opinion : I put Micel butter in my Eroi cake, it’s excellent.

6. Allison’s discovery:

“Only the siesta, we had to take advantage of it…”

Topito’s opinion : My sunken eyes totally agree with you.

7. The discovery of jad0ss:

Topito’s opinion : We learned that a few days ago also at the office and we were overwhelmed with bewilderment. But sometimes the bar is fixed too, suddenly we don’t know what to think. Our landmarks are collapsing.

8. Christian’s discovery:

“That you had to buy Bitcoin in 2009! »

Topito’s opinion : Me as I like to suffer, I regularly look at the results of the EuroMillions telling myself that this is what I should have played. Then I beat myself up.

9. Hugo’s discovery:

Topito’s opinion : Be careful not to put them on your feet, otherwise it is useless.

10. Eva’s discovery:

“That in Mother Michel, it is the Father, had you believed it, who answered her. (And not Father Lustucru). So I lived 38 years a lie”

Topito’s opinion : 38 years old… and someone told you about Santa Claus otherwise?

11. Sherlock’s Discovery:

Topito’s opinion : Mmmh very good but I don’t really see the point, especially since all the stores sell tokens for shopping carts. WHY USE A KEY?

12. Virgil’s discovery:

“I was in final year when I understood that the teachers were doing the roll call and not the shovel”

Topito’s opinion : And you still got your baccalaureate? Frankly, I’m impressed.

13. Didine’s discovery:

Topito’s opinion : She is probably friends with Michel-Paul Naref and Hugo Fray.

14. Rinah’s discovery:

“That SpongeBob is not a cheese”

Topito’s opinion : It’s LITERALLY written in the title. I’m really not proud of you Rinah.

15. Seb’s discovery:

Topito’s opinion : There should be a law to condemn the lies of parents who, afterwards, make us look like idiots in the eyes of the whole world.

16. Agatha’s Discovery

“That the sound of snapping the fingers does not come from the fingers between them, but from the contact of the middle finger with the palm”

Topito’s opinion : Eh yes. Well, I have nothing to add, this remark is true, that’s all. Take the test, you will see.

17. Mehdi’s discovery:

Topito’s opinion : Well I wish you good catch-up Mehdi.

18. Maxime’s discovery:

“The hedgehog’s baby is called ‘a choupisson'”

Topito’s opinion : Impossible to do more mim’s. I want a choupisson now.

19. Issa’s Discovery:

Topito’s opinion : Too bad, I would have liked to do this job.

20. So’s Discovery:

“That the meat of the Grisons is not meat from an animal… But which comes from the canton of Grison in Switzerland”

Topito’s opinion : It’s good to have imagination but after a while you have to calm down a bit.

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