Top 20 Things That Look Cool In Movies, But Aren’t So Good

Cinema is the art of lying, it’s beautiful, it’s well done, but in general we are still shown a bunch of bullshit. The problem is that often this bullshit is shown to us several times until we think that it looks cool in the picture, but in reality it would still be frankly less cool. This is also the subject of a forum on Reddit and we therefore suggest that you see all these things that look nice on film but which would be much less cool in real life.

1. Be a lawyer

The profession of lawyer in films is always the mega class, we defend innocent guys, we discover hidden evidence and we speak in front of the judge by making an incredible speech that makes the jurors cry. Except that in reality the work is frankly not as cool, it’s even often sad, or boring, or both at the same time.

2. Moving and doing work in his new apartment

In the movies, moving in always looks cool, like when the characters paint their interiors in overalls and have this great joke of brushing their faces in the face while laughing. But in real life it’s already a blow to hit an allergy and spend two hours getting the paint out of your mouth but above all there’s nothing more boring than repainting a room, when can it be as fun as that ?

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good

3. Almost everything you can find in a “montage”

Probably one of the most famous “montages” is Rocky’s workout, but there are hundreds of them in the movies. Well if you look closely, each time it’s still super boring stuff that we see in there: the character shits to become mega tough, trains for hours and fails to kill himself several times. So in two minutes like that with great music we think it sounds easy, but go see the gym if it’s so easy to gain 20 kilos of muscle or learn to use strength.

4. Shooting a gun indoors

It breaks windows, it gives the mega class to John Wick but in reality it mostly deafens this shit there. Shooting a gun indoors without ear protection is still a shitty idea. Finally shooting with a weapon is quite simply a shitty idea you will tell me.

5. Sleep under the stars

Limit in the movies when the heroes sleep under the stars it looks so cool that you almost think that the characters have just won the lottery. But in reality it’s horror: half the time it starts to rain at night, in the morning the sun burns our mouths, there are ants trying to get into our ass and we don’t is not safe from being attacked by a caribou.

6. Fight against someone on the roof of a train

Generally it gives scenes of phew the fights on the trains, but in reality clearly should not be done that, like really not in fact. It’s a blow to die falling, to not even be able to move because of the speed and above all to prevent the controllers from doing their job properly because they will not be able to check our ticket.

7. Hiding

In almost every police movie, you see the cops in the hideout eating cookies and making stupid jokes while one of the more focused officers sees the target leave and decides to follow it. In real life, cop hideouts are boring, it takes weeks to watch with binoculars, it very rarely leads to anything and very often there are no cakes.

8. Study

In American films, going to school is often synonymous with big crazy parties, endearing teachers, elaborate jokes and completely stupid fraternity wars. Well, in real life, have you ever gone to college? Not much to add.

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good
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9. Hack something

In the movies, hackers use leather gloves, wear hoods indoors, live in apartments where there is no light, and work on software that looks super intuitive and elaborate. In real life, it’s mostly a long, boring universe full of command lines. You can go and see stubborn clich├ęs in IT at the cinema, it’s always the same.

10. Walk slowly away from an explosion

Ok it’s super classy in the movies and frankly it may still have its little effect after being used a million times. But in real life, if you do that, there’s still a good chance of dying, either by the explosion itself, or by receiving an old projectile in the back. And already what are you doing next to an explosion?

11. Have sex in the shower

You may think watching the movies (normal movies eh, not porn) that it’s easy and too cool to have sex in the shower, but the reality is much more difficult. It’s slippery, it’s cold, it’s a blow to the face… It’s so complicated to do well that we even gave you advice on having sex in the shower, it’s still not for nothing.

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good

12. Fight

The super choreographed fighting scenes are awesome, we’re not going to lie to each other. But in real life, there’s no way your fight won’t look like that, it’s messy, rarely harmonious and you just pass for a violent, drunken bastard who is trying to prove something to himself. It just sucks.

13. Have a flask of alcohol on you

In the movies there’s always an old sheriff who spins a flask of whiskey out of his jacket with the young investigator who has come from the city in order to share a privileged moment and forge links. In real life, taking a flask out of your pocket is actually a bit alcoholic.

14. Being in a big roommate

It’s always partying, there’s always something to eat, the evenings are going too well, the apartment is clean, everyone helps with household chores and during the evenings people are as dressed up as if they were going to a wedding. A roommate of three or four in real life isn’t always chaotic, but frankly it doesn’t look like that AT ALL.

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good

15. Kissing underwater

In a swimming pool or in the sea, in the movies it seems super easy to kiss underwater, then it’s beautiful, it’s poetic and so moving. My balls yeah. In real life there’s water getting in the nose, in the mouth, there’s no way to kiss properly and half the time there’s a German tourist who squats and watches with his mask and his tuba.

16. Living on a desert island

Probably the dumbest thing in the world. In some films we see the characters organize themselves, build a hut, find a source of fresh water and hunt without any problem. In real life there is a way to die in less than three days of almost anything that is fatal to humans. And I’m not even talking about sand in your underwear all the time. Shit idea.

17. Go on vacation with friends and their kids

In the movies everything is going well, the children are polite, have fun together, do what they are told to do and everyone is happy. In real life ? No, don’t do that. Never.

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good

18. Horse riding for hours

Westerns are really, really great, but if there’s one thing they don’t tell us in these movies, it’s that riding a horse for a long time is excruciating. It hurts the ass, the animal quickly gets tired of carrying a big jerk like us on its back, then it’s hot, it stinks, there are flies, we have to say “not over there Paprika” every the two minutes because he doesn’t listen to anything and we wear clothes that make you look stupid.

19. Morning

In the morning in the movies, the children are so happy, there are waffles and pancakes, everyone is too wide awake, hair and dress, there is only good news on the radio and little Billy is all excited because that it’s finally the day of his presentation of SVT in front of the whole class. In the morning in real life? We agree.

20. Go camping in a super hot summer

If you look at people who go camping they rarely sweat in movies, then they always look fresh and clean. Are we going to the same campsite guys? Where are the scarlet Dutchmen, the people in the halo t-shirts and the happy hour games that go on for ages to win a glass of disgusting soft drink?

Top 20 things that look cool in movies, but aren't so good

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