Top 20 things that always make you look like a big tourist abroad

When you travel it’s always better not to pass for a big tourist so as not to be cheated on prices, fall into traps or be chased by mobsters because you did shit. Either way, here’s a list of things that locals in some cities describe as the thing that instantly makes you know you’re a tourist.

2. Wear a work suit in San Francisco

If you wear your best suit to go to a job interview or to work in this city, it quickly becomes clear that you are not from here or that you are trying to sell something. We’re pretty laid back the way we dress there, so watch out or you won’t get that lemonade vendor job.

3. The word “craic” in Ireland

In the famous Irish pubs, you are likely to hear people say “craic” which is pronounced like the drug “crack”. This word roughly means “fun”, “a good time”. A local spots tourists directly when he says something like “How was the craic last night? and someone rolls their eyes at the words.

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4. Tip too much or too little

It’s good, you’re not stingy, or on the contrary you are, which is less good. That being said, in the United States the pourlich is clearly part of the salary, so we expect it to be quite substantial, where in England it is more modest because the pay is lower. It’s all about balance, don’t leave two cents or five hundred euros on the table.

Top 20 things that always make you look like a
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5. Indoor whistling in Russia

For the little jokers (relous) who whistle all the time in the evening, Poutine could blow your face if you whistle inside. Considered rude, this act makes you directly taxed as a tourist, because Russians believe that whistling is like “blowing your life out of yourself”. Well it’s a belief what. Finally it is frowned upon.

6. Confusing Cantonese and Mandarin in Hong Kong

Even if the two languages ​​in writing use the same symbols, they are extremely different in the way they are used. The main language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, so speaking Mandarin to people might not look well. And defend yourself by saying “well it’s the same thing isn’t it? really won’t help matters.

7. Say “Barça” to Barcelona

Might as well wear a T-shirt “I am a tourist, steal my money” written in Spanish “Soy la tourista, voles mis pesos” or something like that. Apparently people cringe when they hear this abbreviation of the name of their city and they unleash bulls on you for revenge, so be careful.

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8. Feeding wildlife in Canada

Feeding wildlife, taking pictures with them, or trying to treat them like pets is frowned upon in Canada (and should be everywhere). We respect wild animals, their space and their freedom there and behaving like a big jerk who throws peanuts at them will not make you someone appreciated in these regions.

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9. Throw away your chewing gum in Singapore

Selling chewing gum is illegal there, and throwing your gum on the ground or sticking it against a wall could get you a hefty fine. Especially since good, it is already not necessarily a good habit whatever the place so as long as you put it in the trash.

10. Do not haggle over prices in Iran

It’s not that it’s frowned upon, it’s that it’s normal to do it. Haggling is so important there that the markets have increased their prices to keep their initial margin because people abused it. So get into the local mold and make a scandal about the price of this salad.

11. New York: go to Times Square

Obviously, unless they really have something to do there, New Yorkers avoid going to Times Square. The place is therefore quite famous for being full of tourists all the time, you will quickly be grilled if you go there to take lots of photos while speaking French. Good and at the same time it’s one of the things to see so they won’t piss off New Yorkers either.

12. Obey the rules of the road in Mexico City

Yeah it’s funny, but if you are too scrupulous about the rules of the road in Mexico City you risk quickly being pigeonholed in the tourist box and being looked down upon quite badly. And over there it’s very frowned upon to be frowned upon so don’t mess around.

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13. Shake hands with someone on their doorstep in Russia

Another local Russian belief says that if you shake someone’s hand on the doorstep, and therefore before entering, it could cast a curse on the person’s house. It is therefore very frowned upon to extend your hand on the landing and people will probably close the door in your face.

14. Not saying thank you to the bus driver in Canada

Yeah in general it seems that people are more respectful there. Also, when leaving the bus it is quite well seen to thank the driver. Failure to do so won’t make you look like an awful asshole either, but hey, it costs nothing and it’s nice as a local custom.

15. Look tanned in Seattle

If you’ve spent a week soaking up the sun and you show up in Seattle, it won’t take long for people to pick up that you’re a good old-fashioned tourist who comes to rave about stuff and criticize everything else. The worst people finally, wouldn’t it be the tourists?

16. Eat your lunch before 1 p.m. in Spain

In Spain, we eat late at noon and in the evening. If you eat your little sandwich in the streets of Madrid at 12:15 p.m. it’s good, you’re toast. The average lunch time is quite close to 2 p.m. and rarely before 1 p.m. On weekends we can even go to 3 p.m. so you see, don’t mess around and break the slab in silence.

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17. Visit Chicago’s Navy Pier in the summer

It’s the tourist thing at this time of year so the locals probably don’t give a damn. They go there with visiting friends in the spring, but clearly not in the summer when the prices of the shops there are the highest and it is crowded with people. Said like that, it makes sense.

18. Wear camouflage clothing in Egypt

Well, in real life, wouldn’t we just ban these clothes all over the world? In any case there a priori you are directly seen as a big fat tourist if you dress like that. Then you look stupid too, an Egyptian friend told me so.

19. Have an umbrella in Portland

Obviously it’s raining a lot in Portland and people don’t care. They put on raincoats or rain gear but do not walk around with an umbrella. So bah you are well grilled if you have one.

20. Travel by camel in Paris

Yeah, we see right away that you are a tourist, probably from Picardy or Brittany. Afterwards you do as you see fit but here it is, it’s toast and people won’t like you. Quite generally, Parisians don’t like many people, you might say.