Top 20 Stuff That Makes Absolutely No Sense When You Think About It

At the moment, we like to deal with deep and intellectual subjects, so after the top of the worst stuff, we decided to look at the incoherent stuff. The stuff that doesn’t really make sense if you take the time to think about it. Be careful, after reading this top, your vision of the world remains turned upside down, so sit down, relax and don’t hesitate to take a few breaks, especially between points 11 and 12.

1. Suns drawn with a pair of sunglasses

From 1, what do they protect themselves from with their glasses? And 2, how do glasses not melt on the Sun? It’s impossible.

Top 20 stuff that makes absolutely no sense when you think about it

2. The nickname “Babeth” for the Elizabeths

Where does this first “B” come from?? I want to talk to whoever came up with this stupid nickname.

3. Pants with holes that cost more than pants without holes

If there’s less material, it’s supposed to be cheaper. Anyone who tells you otherwise deserves to go to jail.

4. The Miss Universe pageant with only earthlings in it

Not super nice for Plutonians and Alpha Centauri chicks.

5. People who go on Tinder to “find friends”

It’s like going to the beach to ski, it’s totally stupid.

6. Having to write a cover letter for a cashier job

Apart from writing “I NEED MONEY” I really don’t see what else we can do.

7. Customers yelling at cashiers for something mislabeled on the shelf

Are they “labellers”???? NO, THEY ARE CASHIERS.

8. Donald who is still half-naked but puts on a towel after getting out of the shower

It’s p’tet just a big exhib who needs to dry his legs like everyone else but I have a doubt.

Top 20 stuff that makes absolutely no sense when you think about it

9. Goofy the dog walking Pluto the dog on a leash

Do the same thing with two humans and it immediately becomes a lot creepier.

Top 20 stuff that makes absolutely no sense when you think about it

10. The fact that people scrutinize every second of Kim Kardashian’s life

They chose a human and said to themselves: “You, we want to know EVERYTHING you do, even if it’s not very interesting. » It’s crazy.

11. Liking asses on Insta

What does it mean ? “Well done, very nice ass” ? There’s absolutely no point in doing that.

12. The well in the rock-paper-scissors

That some moron tried to make it up once, ok. But that millions of morons have imitated his shitty idea, it’s NO. Rock-paper-scissors is only interesting because it’s a fucking infinite triangle. WE DON’T WANT YOUR MAXIMUM SHIT PIT. I didn’t think I would take this subject so much to heart. I’m sorry again.

13. We’ve waited centuries to have machines capable of working for us and now that they’re here we’re still working hard

There’s just more unemployment, of course. Sorry, I didn’t mean to spoil the mood. I promise, it was the last time.

14. The word “flammable” instead of “flammable”

At the limit “flammable” it would have been good. At the limit. I want to make an effort. Cut the pear in half.

15. Saying that “it’s spelled the way it’s pronounced”

While a word can be written in many ways and always have the same pronunciation.

16. Decorative cushions on the beds

We have to put them on the floor while we sleep and no one ever comes to admire our bed. It sucks.

Top 20 stuff that makes absolutely no sense when you think about it

17. Finding old fashions ridiculous

Yet it was fashionable, so our top of our shitty 2000s looks makes no sense.

18. Go to the cinema with several people

We can’t even talk to each other during the sessions. You might as well go see the film each on their own and make a phone call afterwards to debrief.

19. The beautiful coffins that are expensive

The thing we’re going to bury and never see again is the worst investment in the world.

20. People who get angry when we cut our spaghetti

They’re afraid we’ll explode? That we don’t go to the Paradis des Italiens? Or are they just afraid of having nothing to say? It’s good to ask the question.

Come on, let’s be a little more positive with the top best tips. That’s good.

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