Top 20 songs that people over 30 necessarily know by heart

We all have our go-to playlist from the 90s, but when it comes to today’s 30-somethings, there’s also a slew of songs that are part of our party, road trip, and shower wash heritage. These songs that everyone knows by heart at least 92%.

1. Your invitation – Louise Attack

We could also have chosen “I’m taking you to the wind” or “Léa” but hey, listen, we went to the real hit, the only one, the only one. And then since Louise Attaque is preparing her comeback for 6 concerts, we just want to put it back in our ears.

The lyrics we know better than our parents’ date of birth: “I accepted your invitation by mistake, I had to go wrong in the hour, I had to mess up in the season”

2. Fever – NTM

1995 would be nothing without this song that we have the misfortune to try to sing (most often stuffed) by planting one word out of two. But hey it’s good to try, one day you will manage to have the same charisma tkt.

The lyrics you know better than your own date of birth: “I spent the day with a terrible girl, a bitch from a magazine, much hotter than the hottest of your girlfriends So, I’ll let you imagine what’s next I’m not drawing you, it might be censored in the clip But hey, there was no respite, no truce For hours and hours I put the fever, for hours”

3. The Adventurer – Indochina

Ok we’re typing in the early 80s but go figure why, this tube will certainly continue to cross the generations to rot all your evenings. Sorry but after a while if you want to change CDs, make a hit better than this one.

The lyrics we know better than our credit card code: “And suddenly, facing the wind, the true hero of all time Bob Morane against every jackal The adventurer against every warrior”

4. The anthem of our campaigns – Tryo

OK we won the world cup in 98 but we also won the best Tryo hit which made us all want to become citizens of the world shame today, but we have to assume).

The words we know better than the capital of France: “Sit down by a river Listen to the water flow on the ground Tell yourself that at the end hey there is the sea And that there is nothing ephemeral about this You will understand then that you you are nothing Like the one before you like the one who comes That the liquid that flows in your hands Will help you to live until tomorrow morning” ANLALA BUT THIS ECOLOGY BEFORE THE HOUR OR KOUA.

5. Without counterfeiting – Mylène Farmer

We type in the year 88 with this tube which we will never get tired of.

The words that we know best the genetics of Thalassa: “Tell mum why am I not a boy? »

6. God gave me faith – Ophelia Winter

1996 – year of joy and especially year of faith with this interstellar tube which made us all want to believe in God.

The words that we know better than the date of the battle of Marignan 1515: “I was sitting on a stone Tears were running down my face I no longer knew what to do Where to find the courage within me I raised my eyes to the sky And there, I saw the light I bathed my soul “

7. Tandem – Vanessa Paradis

Who doesn’t fidget as soon as the opportunity arises on this tube from 1990 (with an ultra sex clip)? Admittedly, we never picked up anything from the lyrics, but no problem singing them at the top of our lungs.

The lyrics we know better than Johnny Depp‘s filmography since 2015: “In the word I love you Too many M’s And never ever just one N In love always It’s the pros Or the cons it’s often hate” thank you for the spelling lesson Vaness (well Sergio, since it was Gainsbourg who wrote the lyrics).

8. He played the piano standing up – France Gall

Completely released in 1980, this song nevertheless tops the list of the most tortured songs in karaoke by thirty-somethings.

The lyrics we know better than the entrance code of the building where we live: I couldn’t choose. In truth, which thirty-year-old does not know all the songs of France Gall by heart?

9. The New Western – MC Solaar

1994. The music of “Bonnie and Clyde” by Father Gainsbourg and lyrics full of good puns to make the front pages of Liberation pale. Nice work.

The words we know better than the location of our toothbrush: “The wind blows in Arizona A state in America in which Harry shingles” come on I’ll stop there I think it already speaks enough to everyone.

10. I dance the mia – IAM

Second best-selling single in 1993, it was quite logical that we were a whole generation mumbling the lyrics of the songs.

The words we know better than the expiry date of the last yogurt in the fridge: “At the beginning of the 80s, I remember the evenings When the atmosphere was warm and the guys were tucking Stan Smith in at their feet, their eyes cold They scanned the room in three-quarter length leather wrapped around the Ray Ban arm on their head, Tacchini tracksuit » OK, I wasn’t born in the early 80s, but I imagine too much.

11. The Wind Will Carry Us – Black Desire

Incredible, did you know that the song was only from 2001? Like where is she not older? In short, I spare you my state of intense surprise. But admit that it’s crazy as people who have little vocabulary say.

The words we know better than the color of the walls in our bedroom: “Your message to the Big Dipper And the trajectory of the race A velvet snapshot Even if it is useless The wind will carry it Everything will disappear but The wind will carry us”.

12. Not enough of you – Mano Negra

Kindly parodied by the Unknowns with their hit (which we know just as much by heart) “It’s you that I love you”, Mano Negra nevertheless weighed in the game of the year 89 with this rock song babies.

The words we know better than the multiplication table of 1: Personally I couldn’t select I can sing this song upside down or upside down.

13. We don’t change – Celine Dion

Brought up to date with the films of Xavier Dolan, I admit I really hesitated with “So that you still love me” so I’m going to talk about the lyrics of that one instead.

The words we know better than the composition of our conditioner: “I’ll go get your heart if you take it elsewhere Even if in your dances others dance your hours” Never caught anything in this sentence.

14. Nocturnal Confessions – Diam’s ft Vitaa

A must among the best Diam’s hits. And also the best parody of Fatal Bazooka must admit.

The words we know better than our gastric system: “Her name is Andy, girl of the night, she has a guy who lives in Saint-Denis I haven’t finished, I saw them together on Tuesday And I’m sure he’s with her right away, I I even have the address of the hotel” No wonder you were laid after the small galleys when your boyfriend slept with Andy.

15. Bye-Bye Menelik

The unmissable hit of 1997. A brilliant clip full of guests. Obviously we know the chorus by heart but who hasn’t tried to reproduce this exchange in pure clash at (almost) all your parties?

The lyrics we know better than our blood type: “- Where were you? – Invited by drinks to a te-fê We had fun, I didn’t see what time it was – Oh yeah? It’s true ! – I know you by heart – I’d like to know why you’re acting like a thief – You’re making movies – I didn’t want to wake you up that’s all – Stop asking questions Tell me what you’re playing instead. »

16. Sensuality – Axelle Red

Tied with Manhattan Kaboul in duet with Renaud.

The words we know better than our child’s name: “I love, I love Your eyes, I love your smell All your gentle gestures Slowly directed SensOUAAAAality Ouh, stop, a moment I would like this moment to Fix Your sensuality for many years”

17. Sentimental Crowd – Alain Souchon

With “All that she wants” by Ace of Base, “Are you gonna go my way? » by Lenny Kravitz, Céline Dion and « Ziggy », « Dreamlover » by Mariah Carey, « Sensualité » by Axelle Red and of course « Foule sentimentale », we can reasonably say that the year 1993 is one of the best vintages of songs .

The lyrics we know better than our favorite color of M&M’s: “Ouch, we are made to believe That happiness is to have To have it filled our cupboards Made fun of us being ridiculous because Sentimental crowd” so anti-capitalist for our young ears.

18. Game and Con – Saez

I would have loved to tell you about the song Fils de France but unfortunately I think I’m the only one who knows it by heart… This song makes me too drunk with unconsciousness.

The words we know better than the recipe for fried eggs: “Another, another evening where young people France Again, they’re going to have a good time since nothing makes sense here So we’re going to dance, pretend to be happy To go to bed nicely, but tomorrow nothing will work better “.

19. The dana tribe – Manau

The only Celtic group that gave Brittany its fame (just before Nolwen Leroy and Vincent Bolloré). Kenavo the menhirs.

The words we know better than our vital card number: “Akim, the blacksmith’s son came to get me”

20. Wannabe – The Spice Girls

Damn the shock of seeing this clip again and discovering in the first seconds that they are bullying a homeless man and that Geri Halliwell really runs like a dick.

The lyrics that we don’t really know but we’re like (I’ll transcribe the lyrics in approximate youthful English): “If you wanna be my lover you gotta get be my froai”.

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