Top 20 songs from the 80s that you will never get tired of

1. I love her to death – Francis Cabrel (1979)

The positive: Cabrel’s voice still rocks us.

The negative: We want to cry as soon as we hear the first notes.

2. He played the piano standing up – France Gall (1980)

The positive: We are always happy to find France Gall and Michel Berger in a mythical song.

The negative: We have the song in our head for two weeks afterwards.

3. Vertigo Of Love – Alain Bashung (1980)

The positive: It’s almost impossible to listen to this song without wanting to move slowly in time with the sound.

The negative: It is too difficult to sing it in the right tone.

4. I am no hero – Daniel Balavoine (1980)

The positive: Impossible not to sing loudly, even if you listen to it in a crowded bus.

The negative: We miss Balavoine a little too much.

5. The Pianist’s Groupie – Michel Berger (1980)

The positive: Michel’s little voice transports us every time.

The negative: We can’t stop thinking about that damn tennis match…

6. Resist – France Gall (1981)

The positive: You can listen to it all the time and everywhere without getting tired of it, even fully in an open space.

The negative: Sorry, there really isn’t.

7. The Adventurer – Indochina (1982)

The positive: It reminds you of your worst and your best parties, no matter how old you are.

The negative: There’s always a drunk guy who spills his drink on your coat singing it super loud and super off key.

8. Fly Me Away – Jean-Jacques Goldman (1984)

The positive: We know all the words without really knowing how.

The negative: It means nothing at all in real “fly me away”.

9. Freighter – Axel Bauer (1984)

The positive: The beginning is hypnotic, impossible to skip the song when it plays in your headphones.

The negative: It’s a bit long at the end though.

10. Another World – Telephone (1984)

The positive: It definitely brings back memories. Either because you lived in the 80s, or because your daron listened to music all your childhood.

The negative: It reminds us of the separation of the group. And it’s still sad.

11. Mistral winner – Renaud (1985)

The positive: It’s so beautiful you could cry.

The negative: So we cry and it sucks.

12. Again and Again – Francis Cabrel (1985)

The positive: This song always puts us in a good mood.

The negative: We would like to have the same mustache as Francis but we can’t.

13. All the cries the SOS – Daniel Balavoine (1985)

The positive: We cry from the first notes and that’s kind of the goal.

The negative: The voice breaks while trying to sing “In a world where the most beautiful remains to be done”.

14. I Give You – Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michael Jones (1985)

The positive: We shout at the top of our lungs and it makes a good practice for karaoke.

The negative: The lyrics are a bit silly though.

15. New York with You – Telephone (1985)

The positive: Everyone knows the lyrics, the question does not even arise.

The negative: We never manage to do the main voice and the backing vocals at the same time.

16. Another Story – Gerard Blanc (1986)

The positive: We go through all the emotions in the world listening to it, it’s so beautiful.

The negative: It’s hard to listen to anything else afterwards.

17. Voyage Voyage – Desireless (1986)

The positive: We’re always happy to hear it, even if it’s once every two years.

The negative: Again, that really doesn’t mean anything at all.

18. Envy – Johnny Hallyday (1986)

The positive: We always want to want.

The negative: We don’t want to be yelled at in the morning, so let’s keep this song for the 80s parties.

19. Ella, she has it – France Gall (1987)

The positive: We love to sing “Hou hou houhou hou houhou” all day long.

The negative: There have been so many covers that you must have one in mind when listening to the original.

20. Without Counterfeit – Mylène Farmer (1987)

The positive: We admire her cute little voice.

The negative: We still prefer Disenchanted.

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