Top 20 small and big sorrows of childhood, those moments when we had our heart broken

Ever since you paid your taxes, you’ve convinced yourself that childhood was a paradise of freedom and carelessness. You even managed to convince yourself that at that time the technology did not yet exist and that you spent your days running in the fields after the butterflies while laughing out loud. But no, your childhood was littered with much more ballsy stuff than having to deal with your responsibilities as a grown-up, remember.

1. This end of summer between CM2 and 6 where you understood that you will never receive a letter for Hogwarts

And therefore that magic does not exist. Or worse, it exists but you’ve been kicked out of the game because you’re just a dirty muggle.

Top 20 small and big sorrows of childhood, those moments when we had our heart broken

2. When at your first communion your friend Micheline and yourself respectively received a game-boy and a candle

The coup de grace after realizing that the host has no taste and it sticks to the teeth.

3. The day someone else tried to steal your BFF

In primary school, as much as we have 7 lovers at the same time and it doesn’t bother anyone, we don’t compromise on exclusivity in friendship.

4. The day you were told you weren’t old enough to sit in the shopping cart seat at the supermarket

Which also corresponds to the day you insisted and got stuck in it.

5. When you were told you couldn’t sleep with your parents on nightmare nights anymore

Like at 7 years old, the evil puppet hiding in the drawer of your bedside table ceases to exist.

6. When your best friend changed schools

Two months later you had forgotten even his first name, but still, it was hard.

7. When at the amusement park, you wanted to play the adventurers and run ahead without holding your parents’ hand, and you got miserably lost

The crisis of tears at 10 and a half years old is a big blow to dignity.

8. When at Christmas the only gift you asked for was a pony, and it wasn’t under the tree.

It’s not that you stopped believing in Santa Claus, it’s just that you realized he didn’t give a fuck about your opinion.

Top 20 small and big sorrows of childhood, those moments when we had our heart broken

9. When before you could watch The Lion King you had to rewind the tape for half an hour

And that the tape was unwinding, getting tangled up in the post, before you were told “Come on, children’s time is over, everyone at bedtime”. Wonderful evening. It was certainly part of the trauma of the 90s.

10. When you were so excited to find the new toy in your cereal box, and you already had it in triplicate

And when they replaced them with fucking mazes on the back of the pack.

11. When Lego ads gave you the illusion that cars were flying, characters were talking, and something crazy was going to happen in your playroom

In fact, you have to move everything with your hands, and make the sound effects with your mouth. Disconcerting.

12. When your parents decided which movies and shows you were allowed to see, and they were much pickier than your friends.

And when you finally got to see the mummy return, no one was talking about it in the playground.

13. When you went to the movies and only saw half the screen

Yes, even if there was no one in front, just a chair taller than you standing.

14. When you broke a plate – the worst stupidity you could do in the world – and felt guilty about it all night long

On the other hand, repainting the walls to your liking or hitting your brother with a (plastic) shovel, no problem. Zero remorse.

15. When your parents praised one of your classmates

Then suggested that you casually try to look like him, while you already imagined them abandoning you on the side of the road.

16. When you found your Mother’s Day drawing under a pile of files in her office, with the imprint of the coffee cup on it.

That, plus the poem that served as support for the shopping list, it’s starting to get annoying.

17. When you wet the bed at summer camp

You had tried to throw your discretos duvet in the trash, but the chief mono found it and was happy to find its owner. “But is it you Jean-Charles? But finally you know the price of a duvet? »

18. When all your girlfriends have their periods and you don’t: “you’ll never have them because you’re not a girl”

Yet it looked like a warrior thing this story.

19. The day your hamster Pikachu died (and it’s not impossible that you had something to do with it)

What do you mean, a hamster can’t swim?

20. When you were so happy to cycle to school before your parents forced you to put on a helmet and a yellow vest.

Although, maybe it was still better than the car seat.

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