Top 20 signs you’re dating a beau

Happiness has been running through your veins for several months now and you owe this unparalleled happiness to this new person who now lives by your side. That’s it, you’re in a relationship and life is more beautiful. But your friends are starting to look at you strangely, you can tell they’re judging you without knowing why. Ask yourself the right questions, is your guy or your girl a big redneck?

1. He has a t-shirt with wolves

OK, he likes wolves, but wolves printed on a too small t-shirt with a blue sky in the background, it’s unacceptable in terms of style, even if we really like Johnny Hallyday.

2. She drinks red wine by the bottle even in the early evening

Luckily it was the Vieux-Papes that she brought back because there was only that left in her personal cellar.

Top 20 signs you're dating a beau

3. After having fucked, he gives you the “So, happy?”

And the worst is that yes, you are happy. Because you love him. And love is stronger than anything. It is not a few redneck phrases that will constitute obstacles to your happiness.

4. She starts all her jokes with “so you know the story of the pregnant whore and the fag with hemophilia?”

And if you know this one and you find me a good answer to this redneck joke that I just made up, I’m a taker, don’t hesitate to express yourself in the comments.

5. He tattooed a Chinese proverb in gothic letters on his chest

With a conjugation error, but phew, only the Gothic Chinese are able to recognize it. If in doubt, we have listed all the Chinese tattoos you should never do.

6. She masturbates on Patrick Sébastien’s big cabaret

And she doesn’t even wash her hands afterwards when she zaps it’s too disgusting she puts it everywhere.

7. He’s not racist but still, we’re at home

And he has nothing against blacks and Arabs, but hey, there are a lot of them anyway. Yes then you should know that the beauf profile can be compatible with the racist profile but the connection is not systematic. You can be redneck without being racist and vice versa multiplied by two.

8. She bought herself a pit bull to take stylish photos on Insta

“Me and my doggy-dog Dylan the proud, the truth is happy to have an animal of trust #friendship #doglover #style #Dijon”

9. He shows his ass so much in all the photos that you end up thinking it’s his real face.

Hence the particularly apt expression: “Talk to my ass, my head is sick”.

10. She gave you “the big twat guide” for your birthday

To put you to shame in front of your friends “MDRRRRR ^^, I hope you will recognize yourself in there !!!!!!! “. Yes because in the same way as with racism, your guy or your redneck girl can also be homophobic but once again it is not automatic.

11. He pees in the sink

“It’s going shit, I’m at home and then it saves the fleet, hey, I’m thinking about the planet. » Yes because in the same way as with racism and homophobia, your handsome guy or girl can also be green and dirty, but once again it’s not unconditional.

12. She likes to fart in the hand and smell after

Potentially redneck but above all full of curiosity, she seems to ask herself the right questions and carry out unusual scientific experiments full of common sense.

13. He customized his Golf

With an engine that jumps and good big speaker boxes suspended on your trunk to put PNL 350 decibels.

14. She keeps her socks on during sex

She may be cold, or she may be redneck, it’s a 50% chance.

15. He likes to sit on your face in the morning when you wake up and drop a bass drum.

He may be redneck but above all he has a hell of a sense of humor because if it doesn’t make you laugh it’s just that you’re a big ass coin.

16. She tattooed “light my fire” on her teuch

Because she loves poetry, but she also loves style.

17. She draws a big dick on your forehead every other night.

It was fun at first but it starts to get a little heavy especially when she tattoos you with a real tip and real tattoo ink.

18. He grew a mule to maintain his elegance.

It is the base of the base of the base of the base of the redneck capillarity. We should have started there.

Top 20 signs you're dating a beau

19. She knows all the bawdy songs by heart

On the other hand, the multiplication tables and the songs of Charles Trenet, she bites nothing there, the proof that her hippocampus (area of ​​memorization of the brain) was rather selective on the beauferie.

20. He likes to press the pedal to push the engine at a red light while pointing fingers at other drivers.

And each time he brakes he skids over three meters while smashing through a garbage can.

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