Top 20 signs that you grew up in a leftist family

We’ve already told you about the signs that you’re on the left and prepared a little quiz to be sure. Now that you’re settled, dive back into your memories. If you recognize yourself in this top, it’s because the left at home is quite simply hereditary.

1. You listened to France Inter every day

Even France Culture, when your parents passed the barrier of 50 years. For the little local news flash, it was France Bleu. In short, big heart on Radio France, what.

2. You subscribed to several magazines…

Astrapi, Pomme d’api, and I like to read were your favorites. And you’re right, it was by far the best! Well… Le Petit Quotiden, from time to time, it was nice too.

3. …. and your parents too!

Le Monde, Télérama and Liberation watched you grow. Too cute.

4. You had the complete Mafalda in the library

When you weren’t reading your magazines, you were reading Mafalda, this pessimistic little girl, from the middle class, who dreamed of becoming a senior international civil servant to change this shitty world. We take this opportunity to remind you that reading was an obligation before it became a pleasure. “Mamaaaan, I’m bored”, “Well go read a book”! Does it remind you of anything?

5. You were driving an old Citroën

And SUVs represent for you an object of the underworld. The Devil’s Car.

6. The CD shelf consisted of Jean Ferrat, Renaud, and Brassens

Good little music that your parents listened to with their friends on the left. Small bottle of red on the table, sausage and rolled cigarettes around the rusty table in the garden. Real life what.

7. … and during this time, you were listening to Henri Des

The Brassens of children, without a doubt.

8. You had compost at the bottom of the garden

Behind the chicken coop, not far from the hut built with the sweat of your brow, when you were ordered to go play outside.

9. Your parents were/are civil servants

Or, AT WORST, in a liberal profession. In their band of friends, there was at least one teacher, one nurse, and one social worker.

10. Your parents or grandparents still talk to you about Mitterrand

And that’s always when their eyes mist up, their eyes sparkle and their mouths pinch. The mourning is still there, very heavy and very present.

11. You spent your summers in camp…

But beware, not in just any! Out of the question to fuck you in an equestrian camp or in a Jet-ski colo. Nope. The key words were nature, simplicity, community and sharing. Something deep in the Cévennes, to build dams in the rivers with large stones and to build tepees, to end the day around a campfire, with a drunk anim ‘who sings 12 times “The friends of first” on his rotten guitar. Our happy days, what.

12. … and family vacations were always camping

Exit the sea and all its tourist shops, family camping was a real homecoming. First option: wild camping in the mountains, in the middle of the plains, between 2 hikes and a bath in the frozen lakes. Second possibility: the ocean. A place where you can do your organic market in the morning, prepare picnics for lunch and go on a bike trip the rest of the day, in short.

Top 20 signs that you grew up in a leftist family

13. The spirit of competition, you do not know

You’ve always done team sports, and when you failed, you were told that the “important thing is to participate”. So, well, the competition, it’s nice, but the sharing between friends in the third half, that’s the most important.

14. For the JT, it was France 2

Eh it was better for you that your parents do not see you zap on the 1… WORST, on BFM or NRJ. NO BUT IT’S NOT GOOD? WHY NOT CNEWS WHILE WE’RE AT THERE????

15. The TV was never on anyway.

Except for the headlines in the evening, or watching “family movies”. Translate: stuff considered smart by your parents, with a morality focused on sharing, benevolence and self-sacrifice. That is to say, an old DVD (we’re not going to watch stupid TV movies either), or any show or movie on ARTE.

16. Your dressing room = your big sister’s/ your big brother’s dressing room

Just as wraps are smoked from father to son, clothes are passed from brother and sister to brother and sister. When you’re the eldest it’s ok, but when you’re the youngest and that old pink t-shirt is older than you, it’s a bit silly. How come it was a red t-shirt at the base ???

Top 20 signs that you grew up in a leftist family

17. Sunday is for hiking

Or demonstrations, it depends on the CGT.

18. Your parents never bought ready meals.

Or worse, ready-to-bake pie crust! No but are you crazy or what? On the left, it’s actually home-made heaven!

19. You grew up without a console and DS

Until the appearance of the Wii, because “at least we can play it with several people and share moments all together, without being slumped on the sofa”. On the other hand, the Nintendo, it was no way! An anti-socialization, anti-sharing and anti-creativity object, according to your parents on the left.

20. You know the songs of Tryo by heart

It’s like cycling, you can’t forget it.

21. Bonus: you were clumsy

Or wrong right. AHAHAHA. You have it ?

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